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Cats Take Over Quirk Books

*See information on this adoptable cat at the bottom of the post!

We're wrapping up Cat Week at Quirk Books and — oh no! — we’ve been invaded by cats! But of course, cat invaders are the best kind. Our team, for one, welcomes our feline overlords and will bring them all the cream and tuna they desire. We solemnly vow to only use the laser pointer when specifically requested. We promise never to open a wrapper that sounds like treats without delivering treats.

And we will, most certainly, share what these wise, fluffy, beautiful nap machines have to say with the world. Enjoy!

Posted by Margaret Dunham

Meow the Fourth Cat Roundup

Source: StarWars.com

What happens when it's Quirk Cat Week and Star Wars Day? A super cute Star Wars kitty round up, of course. Read on, and Meow the Fourth be with you.

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

Hero’s Journey: Jonesy, the Real Protagonist of Alien

Images Courtesy of Twentieth Century-Fox Productions

Joseph Campbell's Monomyth is an invaluable storytelling structure. It’s responsible for some of the most famous stories of our time: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Goonies—the list goes on. But more importantly, the monomyth is a critical investigative tool. Using Campbell’s 12 Stages of The Hero's Journey, we can actually uncover important truths about some of our favorite stories.

For example, most people think that Ellen Ripley was the main character of the 1979 classic sci-fi film, Alien. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. By holding the film up against the monomyth structure, one can easily see that Alien’s real hero was hiding right under our noses.

Posted by J. B. Kish

A Book for the Cat in Your Library

You can’t judge a book by its cover… it’s what’s inside that counts. And while this book may have nothing but fluff (and just a dash of catnip) between its covers, we’re sure you’ll love it just as much as our in-house feline review board did!

Posted by Margaret Dunham

Bookish and Nerdy Cat Box Roundup

*See information on this adoptable cat at the bottom of the post!

The love of staying inside, the dislike of large crowds of people, the tendency to spend entire days (or even weekends) curled up in a comfy armchair…it’s no wonder that bookworms, nerds, and cats are drawn to each other! There’s something so satisfying about reading a favorite book or comic with a purring furball on your lap. Cats are just as happy to indulge their introverted sides as most nerds and bookworms are.

Of course, cats are also a little too happy to sprawl all over the book you are trying to read (or the game your are trying to play), and while we love these furry companions, it’s a good idea to give them somewhere else to curl up. We’ve got the best nerdy and bookish cat boxes, beds, and trees to keep your furball off your book (and in the most stylish way).

If you want to make your own unique cat boxes out of cardboard, check out our book Cat Castles.

Posted by Rose Moore

Most Lovable Cat/Owner Relationships in Literature & Pop Culture

*See information on this adoptable cat at the bottom of the post!

Hey there, fellow cat lovers! We rounded up some of the very best cat/owner relationships in pop culture for #QuirkCatWeek. These books, films and TV series show that there are cats who can be just as much "man’s best friend" as any dog can be, with some of the most heartwarming human/pet relationships around.

Posted by Rose Moore