Bookish and Nerdy Cat Box Roundup

Posted by Rose Moore

*See information on this adoptable cat at the bottom of the post!

The love of staying inside, the dislike of large crowds of people, the tendency to spend entire days (or even weekends) curled up in a comfy armchair…it’s no wonder that bookworms, nerds, and cats are drawn to each other! There’s something so satisfying about reading a favorite book or comic with a purring furball on your lap. Cats are just as happy to indulge their introverted sides as most nerds and bookworms are.

Of course, cats are also a little too happy to sprawl all over the book you are trying to read (or the game your are trying to play), and while we love these furry companions, it’s a good idea to give them somewhere else to curl up. We’ve got the best nerdy and bookish cat boxes, beds, and trees to keep your furball off your book (and in the most stylish way).

If you want to make your own unique cat boxes out of cardboard, check out our book Cat Castles.



Whovians will love this easy-to-assemble cardboard cat-TARDIS. It's simple, straightforward…and will undoubtedly feel bigger on the inside! While there are plenty of examples of Doctor Who fans making their own TARDIS-style cat trees, these are often huge projects for the DIY-loving nerd. But this little cardboard house is something everyone can enjoy. Extra bonus points for being eco-friendly; it's glue-free, paint-free, and recyclable. The Doctor would approve.


Hagrid’s Hut Cat Box

Another cardboard cat house for those who are looking for an eco-friendly (and time saving) option for their feline friend is this little cat-sized replica of Hagrid’s hut in the Harry Potter series! The hut includes a chimney and decorative cut outs of Hedwig the Owl and the Sorting Hat, just to make sure that everyone recognizes the Harry Potter homage — whether your kitty is a furry giant like Hagrid himself, or a little bit sleeker and smaller.


Star Wars Landspeeder Cat Bed

Roxy’s Dream makes all kinds of cool and nerdy pet products, including Star Wars and comic book feeders and bowl holders, and this amazing Landspeeder cat bed! This replica from the Star Wars franchise includes a comfy central section for any cat to snuggle in, but will also look amazing in any nerd cave, thanks to to incredible design and paintwork that goes into it.


Death Star Cat Cave

Another one for fans of the Star Wars universe, this is the perfect bed for anyone who is happy to embrace the slightly darker side of their pet — and bring them home their own Death Star! Cosy and super-soft, this basketball sized pet bed will fit even the smallest nerdy apartment…and even the darkest of furry galactic overlords.


Iron Throne Cat Bed

MadeForPets does an incredible range of custom-made pet furniture, including this awesome felt Iron Throne, for those cats who truly know who rules the roost with an iron paw! Of course, this offering for Game of Thrones fans isn’t the only nerdy or bookish bed that MadeForPets can supply you with. Pichachu and a NASA rocket are also available, and the company takes requests, so your cat can get as nerdy as you could possibly want!


Pac-Man Cat Complex

Another amazing Etsy seller who makes mind-blowing options for spoiled kitties is CatastrophiCreations, specializing in wall-mounted shelves, scratching posts and perches for cats who love to climb, including this stunning Pac-Man Complex based on the classic arcade game. The set includes the various hammocks and vertical sisal poles, as well as the vinyl wall decals to turn the whole thing into a nerdy feline dream. This isn’t the only video-game-based cat complex that CatastrophiCreations has built, either. Check out their SuperMarioBros Cat Climber or the Chain Chomp cat bed for more amazing ideas.


Star Trek Cat Tree

For Trekkies who are also good with DIY projects, this tutorial will let you build the perfect cat tree, including scratching posts and two platforms shaped like famous vessels from the Star Trek universe: the Enterprise itself and a Romulan Bird of Prey. Let your cat take the Captain’s Chair with this project. (Or for something a little lower-effort, check out this cute Star Trek pet bed from ThinkGeek! ).


Comic Book, Harry Potter, and Game Of Thrones Cat Beds

Finally, for something sweet and simple that still has a nerdy edge, check out any of the geeky and bookish offerings from PetDreamsBeds. These cute little cushioned beds come in a range of designs, including vintage comic print, a soft purple and gold bed inspired by Sailor Moon’s Luna, and beds for the biggest houses of both the Harry Potter and Game Of Thrones franchises: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Stark and Targaryen.


Do you have a nerdy place for your furry friend to hang out? Comment and let us know!



*Pictured above: Myoho
Animal ID: #12500042
Age: Adult, female
At PAWS adoption center since April 24, 2018
More about Myoho: "
Myoho has been a wonderful foster! She came into my home after she had underwent surgery to repair a part of her liver that was damaged from years on the street. At first she was scared of every noise, but she has transformed into the sweetest lady!! She has distinctive coloring and a hilarious tongue that is always sticking out when she is being pet. She loves to be scratched around her ears and will even roll over for you to rub her belly gently while she purrs. If she isn't being pet enough, she will let you know with a gentle push of her nose. With a little time and patience for her to adjust to a new surrounding once again, Myoho will charm any adopter who wants to give a good, safe home for this sweet gal!

Myoho is independent, but would do well with another cat in the house as well. She was introduced to a dog, but would beed to be around one who wont approach her too quickly."

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