Meow the Fourth Cat Roundup

Posted by Quirk Books Staff


What happens when it's Quirk Cat Week and Star Wars Day? A super cute Star Wars kitty round up, of course. Read on, and Meow the Fourth be with you.


Source: Reddit

Darth Vader Kitty

"Luke, I am your father — er, FELINE."


Princess Leia Kitty

Somebody has to save our skins. Kitty Leia Organa is up for the challenge.


Yoda Kitty

"Wear this ludicrous hat I will not."


Source: The Mary Sue

Chewbacca Kitty

Seriously, what Star Wars cat list is complete without Mewbacca?


Source: Imgur

BB-8 Kitty

He's done for today, but don't worry. Tomorrow he'll be feline the force.


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#QuirkCatWeek runs from April 30 to May 4, 2018.