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I really love it when advance copies of upcoming books arrive at the Quirk Books HQ. It's just so magical. They have the new book smell, you know? 

This week, copies of the two latest installments in our "Should Know" books arrived. Stuff Every Groom Should Know by Eric San Juan and Stuff Every Golfer Should Know by Brian Bertoldo. Eric's actually done another Stuff book for us, Stuff Every Husband Should Know, which came out back in 2011. 

In this sneak peek, we've got two Quirk editors, Blair Thornburgh and Tiffany Hill, talking about their respective titles. 

Blair Thornburgh: Editing Stuff Groom was a blast! Eric San Juan's one savvy guy when it comes to know-how and derring-do for dudes about to get hitched, and I can personally say I learned more than I ever knew there was to know about tuxedo styles, bachelor parties, and crying manfully. Plus, the cover is so shiny. LOOK AT IT. Shiny! Give this to the groom-to-be in your life and watch him pledge his troth with pizzazz.

Tiffany Hill: I'm so excited to meet this little book in person. I learned so much from Brian Bertoldo while working on Stuff Golfer--which championship is which, who Mulligan was, about that time golf got banned in Scotland, and way more. And there's practical stuff too, from tips on golfing in the wind to calculating your handicap. It's a really fun conversation starter for all your favorite golfers!

Check out some more photos below! These copies will be heading off to Goodreads and BookLikes members in the coming weeks, and LibraryThing users next month. Be sure to enter our giveaways for a chance to score early copies!