Sneak Peek: The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy

Posted by Eric Smith

A few years ago, while at a party for The Mary Sue during New York Comic Con, I met Sam Maggs

We were both writing for Geekosystem at the time, with my former college roommate Glen Tickle. We geeked out over movies and comics, as one does at such a party, and talked about the awesome cosplay we saw at the convention. I enjoyed her articles and writing ever since. 

Fast forward two or so years, and Quirk is putting out her debut book. The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy. And I couldn't be happier to see her smart, witty writing in print. This is one special book, and I'm thrilled to give you all a sneak peek!

The book's editor, Blair Thornburgh, sounds off about it: 

"Editors dream of working on projects that are fun, well-written, timely, and meaningful, and this book—this book, you guys!!—is all that and more. 

From the first time I read the proposal for THE FANGIRL'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY I knew I wanted to edit it. It's about fandom! And the internet! And women! And feminism! And GIFs!!!* I love all of these things and working on this book made me love them more. Sam Maggs is a fantastic, insightful, kind, hilarious, and super-duper-smart geek about town, and Kelly Bastow's lovely illustrations are whimsical and fun and represent all different kinds of fangirls. (Plus, I got to edit interviews from some of the women in geekery whom I've long admired!) And, in a time when so many women struggle to find a voice in the larger media landscape, it's a pretty special thing to get to work on a creative team where everyone—literary agent, author, illustrator, designers, and me, the editrix—is female.

In short, this book rocks, and I'm lucky to have worked on it. Geek girls FTW!

*There are no actual GIFs in the book but only because technology has not come that far."

Here's a little sneak peek at the book! Enjoy! 

Eric Smith


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