Philosophy Quiz: Which Character from The Good Place Are You?

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

The Good Place is back for its fourth and final season and we are so forking sad about it. But we love a good exit strategy and we trust Michael Schur with our hearts and our televisions, so we know that this is ultimately the right way to go out. We’re not happy about it! But we accept it.



To celebrate this final season of the strangest and greatest show on television, we’re giving you a little philosophy quiz – one that we hope would make Chidi Anagonye proud. So without further ado…


Finish this sentence: philosophy is about _____.

a. … Oh, are you talking to me?
b. as my good friend Immanuel Kant once said, it’s all about the notoriety, darling
c. memorizing names and dates and stuff
d. questioning things you take for granted



Utilitarianism posits that the correct choice is the one that causes the most good and the least pain and suffering. Who founded utilitarianism?

a. Jeremy from my sixty-person dance crew
b. My dear friend Jeremy Jordan, that talented fellow who’s always performing with my other dear friend Anna Kendrick. I’m sorry, what was the question again?
c. Jeremy Bearimy
d. Jeremy Bentham



The Metaphysics of Morals could be summarized simply as “a book on how to act good.” Who wrote this seminal text?

a. Wait, why do we have to act good? Aren’t we already in The Good Place?
b. I’m sure I know who wrote that book. I know everyone who is everyone, after all.
c. Emmanuel Kant
d. Immanuel Kant



Aristotle was Plato’s student. Who did Plato study under?

a. I think it rhymes with Pillboi or looks like Pillboi or – Oh man I wonder what Pillboi is up to!
b. I’m sure it’s Phythagoras. He was such an incredible influence on my dear friend Pherekydes.
c. Okay, we really need to unpack that one because seriously how old are you? But to answer the question: are you sure we should be paying attention to these guys? I mean, who died and left Aristotle in charge of ethics?
d. Socrates



Nihilism posits that the world is empty and there’s no point to anything. Which philosopher popularized nihilism?

a. Donkey Doug
b. My good friend Kanye
c. Chidi Anagonye
d. Friedrich Nietzsche




Mostly As

You’re Jason Mendoza. You try to pay attention during Chidi’s philosophy lectures, but it’s really hard, okay? The only way philosophy would be cool is if Blake Bortles drove around Florida in a monster truck while demonstrating the teachings of Kant – possibly accompanied by a sixty-person dance crew.




Mostly Bs

You’re Tahani Al-Jamil. You’re trying to learn philosophy, but what would your good friend Beyoncé think if you just started acting with morality all the time? Besides, no one likes a know it all.




Mostly Cs

You’re Eleanor Shellstrop. You’re trying really hard – you even took notes that one time. But now that you’ve seen Chidi in that mailman uniform, it’s really difficult to concentrate. But you’re trying. And you’re getting close to the right answer.




Mostly Ds

You’re Chidi Anagonye himself. Of course you got the answers right. You’re a professor of ethics and moral philosophy! Now if only your fellow Bad Place residents would try as hard as you do.