Perfectly Nerdy Thanksgiving Feast Ideas: A Recipe Round-up

Posted by Tara Sim

Soon we'll be sitting down to celebrate one of the most glorious and gluttonous holidays of the year.  But we know some of you Quirkers are looking to step up your Thanksgiving game.  So to help you nerd out your turkey’s dinner-table friends, we’ve put together a fantasy smorgasbord that’s sure to make any literary palette water.

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Lamb Stew with Dried Plums – The Hunger Games

Frequently mentioned in The Hunger Games, this stew is guaranteed to put you in the mood for something sophisticated and delicious.

Recipes can be found on The Spinach Tiger and Paleo Spirit.


Honey Duck and Orange Snap Peppers – A Game of Thrones

George R.R. Martin is notorious for his description of food, and this dish from A Game of Thrones is no exception!

Recipe can be found at Inn at the Crossroads.


Deeper ‘n Ever Pie – Redwall

Want something hearty and filling? These pies will be sure to keep you full and happy for quite some time.

Recipe can be found at


Butterbeer – Harry Potter

No party would be complete without this tasty staple in any fantasy lover’s diet. A couple mugs of Butterbeer and you’re good to go.
Recipes available at

Oosquai – The Wheel of Time

Speaking of beer: if you want a less tasty but much stronger alternative to Butterbeer, this alcoholic drink will knock you out. Perhaps literally.

Recipes available at on the Wheel of Time Wiki.  

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November Cakes – The Scorpio Races

If you’re craving sweets, never fear, for these decadent cakes will stick to your fingers as well as your stomach. They can usually be found only before the Scorpio Races, but this is a special occasion.

Recipe found on


Turkish Delight – The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

If these tickle your fancy, have as many as you please! Just don’t accept any from any witches you see wandering around.
Recipe found on

“Eat Me” Cookies – Alice in Wonderland

Once you’ve had a few drinks, go ahead and experiment with these magical cookies that’ll shrink you or turn you into a giant. Make sure the Hobbits don’t hog all the ones that make you taller.

Recipe found on


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Tara Sim

Tara Sim

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