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Perfectly Nerdy Thanksgiving Feast Ideas: A Recipe Round-up

Soon we'll be sitting down to celebrate one of the most glorious and gluttonous holidays of the year.  But we know some of you Quirkers are looking to step up your Thanksgiving game.  So to help you nerd out your turkey’s dinner-table friends, we’ve put together a fantasy smorgasbord that’s sure to make any literary palette water.

Posted by Tara Sim

The Best Scarves in Literature & Pop Culture

It’s that time of year when the weather begins to nip, when you eagerly open your closet full of winter clothes and lose yourself to boots and jaunty hats. And, of course, scarves! In celebration of scarf weather, we’ve rounded up some well-known scarves that have graced the necklines of favorite fictional characters.

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4 British Monarchs Reimagined as Steampunk Heroes

(Pirate Hat Image Credit: Lee Hanson)

There's no monarchy we love more than the Brits. (Will and Kate's baby? Adorable. Queen Elizabeth memes? Hilarious.) And there are few genres we love more than steampunk. So what if we mashed the two? A little steampunk flair meets classic British royals. Read on as we reimagine our favorite British figures as steampunk heroes. 

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Matching A Book By Its Cover: A Visual Exercise

Some book covers beg to be stacked side-by-side. Like a Mariah Carey song, they belong together. Regardless of story or content, these covers complement each other so well visually, they should go on a date, get book-married, and have sequels. 

This, my friends, is a book cover matchmaking, and here’s some of our favorites:

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Bibulate Like A Bibliophile: Book Pairings for Your Favorite Wines


For those of you who haven’t experienced the pleasure of wine and books, wine is the perfect accessory to your reading time. Not only do you look classy, you get a good buzz going while the worlds you read come to life before your eyes. If you don’t believe me, just try it the next time you get ready to unwind with a good book.

Now the question is: which wine goes with which book? Or vice versa? To give you an idea of merging flavors with genre/tone/style, here is a list of some excellent books and the wines that would pair beautifully with them. Commençons!

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Six Brilliant Moments of Foreshadowing in the Harry Potter Series

Mind. Blown.

Everyone loves Harry Potter. (Well, everyone cool does, anyway.) We could spend a whole day—if not a whole lifetime—trying to figure out why, recounting our favorite parts, and listing the various reasons why it’s such an important story to tell. Not only does the series address issues like intolerance, prejudice, and oppression, it’s also a story about WIZARDS doing COOL MAGIC STUFF! What's not to like?

But another great thing about Harry Potter is that J.K. Rowling is a very savvy storyteller on the level of plotting. She drops such small but meaningful clues throughout the seven books that even the biggest fans don’t catch until their fifth or tenth reread. So, in the spirit of Easter, here are some of my personal favorite foreshadow-y Easter eggs from across all seven books.


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