Miss Peregrine’s Playlist for Peculiar Children

Library of Souls, the third book of Ransom Riggs’ Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children came out this week and we’re celebrating with a playlist. The characters in these books all have special abilities, and we made sure their songs reflect their particular powers. So turn up the volume and get ready for things to get a bit peculiar… 

Jacob Portman: “Time/The End Of Time” – The Chameleons

Jacob is not your typical 16-year-old. After his beloved grandfather dies, his life takes some unexpected turns, involving time travel and meeting some highly unusual children, all of which changes his view of the world. This Chameleons song captures the fleeting nature of time and youth.    

“Unchanged intoxicating youth
Such an endless feeling
Those days
Are softly stolen away
While your head is reeling”


Emma Bloom: “Eternal Flame” – The Bangles

Emma’s special power is the ability to manipulate fire, but it’s the fire in her heart that burns brightest. This girl is a romantic with strong emotional ties to the Portman men, so she would be especially fond of this ‘80s ballad.

“You belong with me
Do you feel the same
Am I only dreaming
Or is this burning an eternal flame”


Miss Peregrine: “Birds of Passage” – Bel Canto

As an ymbryne, she can shapeshift into a bird and manipulate time, and she will do anything to protect the children she looks after. Yet sometimes she has to make tough choices, and there are limits to her abilities, which is explored in the lyrics of this soaring tune.

 “Your wish I'll keep in my mind
And if it won't come true
Our dream will dream”


Millard Nullings: “How To Be Invisible” – Kate Bush

We think Millard would be amused by a song that proposes there’s an instruction manual for something that comes naturally to him: the power of invisibility.

“I found a book on how to be invisible
Take a pinch of keyhole
And fold yourself up
You cut along a dotted line
You think inside out
And you're invisible”



Olive Elephanta: “Ladies and Gentleman We Are Floating in Space” – Spiritualized

If you don’t have Olive’s ability to levitate, this is the next best thing. This song’s dreamy melody will make you feel like you’re hovering above the ground.

“So please put your sweet hand in mine
And float in space and drift in time
All the time until I die
We'll float in space, just you and I”



Hugh Apiston“Happy Yellow Bumblebee” – Of Montreal

Seeing that Hugh houses bees in his belly, we imagine him to be a fan of this jaunty tune, written from the point of view of one of the black-and-yellow insects:

“I am a happy yellow bumble bee, everything's so much bigger than me
but I'm not afraid, for if something gets too close, I give them a sting that makes them howl and scamper away”



Abe Portman: “Headhunter” – Front 242

An enigma to his family while alive, Jacob’s grandfather, it turns out, hunted monsters to keep other peculiars safe from their evil. We’ll never know the true extent of his heroism, but he did pass on his special power and fighting spirit to Jacob.

“Today he has no means, he's alone and anonymous
But written in his cells he has got the marks of the genius”



Bronwyn Buntley: “Tower of Strength” – The Mission

This girl does more than lift inordinately heavy objects. She offers support to her fellow peculiars and uses her gift of physical prowess to protect them however she can.

“You are a tower of strength to me

You stand firm and proud
When the wind blows in your face”



Enoch: “Coming Back To Life” – Pink Floyd

It’s a morbid talent to be sure, but Enoch’s ability to give life to dead or inanimate things does come in handy. We think he’d get a kick out of this song.
“Lost in thought and lost in time
While the seeds of life and the seeds of change were planted
Outside the rain fell dark and slow
While I pondered on this dangerous but irresistible pastime”



Horace Somnusson: “Sunset” – Roxy Music

As someone who cares deeply about his personal appearance, this boy would certainly have admiration for Roxy Music frontman Bryan Ferry, who also favors elegant suits.  Horace’s gift is prophetic dreams and while he claims to forget some of the darker ones, it’s clear that he sees trouble on the horizon.

“Postscript you trace colours the sky
Red-letter light fades, is filed away
Sunburst fingers you raise
One last sigh of farewell – goodbye”


Bonus Track:

Franklyn Portman: “I Like Birds” – Eels

“I can't look at the rocket launch
The trophy wives of the astronauts
And i won't listen to their words
'cause i like


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Margarita Montimore

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