Burtonize Your Wardrobe for the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children Movie

Posted by Rose Moore

Ransom Riggs’s best-selling novel, Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children has officially arrived on the big screen! Time travel, monsters, magic, and love come together in this beautifully imagined world, and with the legendary Tim Burton behind the camera, we are sure to be in for a visual treat. Known for his poetic, gothic style, Burton’s film isn’t an exact adaptation, but an inspired take on the adventures of Jacob, Emma, Miss Peregrine, and the children.

Although some of the characters have been changed a little, they all look absolutely incredible. We can see Burton’s inimitable touch in every detail, especially the stunning costumes… and it makes us want to steal their style! We’ve pulled together some of the best clothes and accessories to mimic the main characters in the upcoming movie. Channel the fire-throwing Olive or Emma’s floaty look, all with a Tim Burton twist.

With the film’s focus on fierce females, these looks are designed for women, but we hope that everyone can take a little inspiration from them.


"I knew there was something peculiar about you and I mean that as the highest compliment."


Miss Peregrine

The ymbryne in charge, also known as The Bird, Miss Alma LeFay Peregrine (Eva Green) is definitely the most strikingly Burton-esque character in Miss Peregrine’s Home. Sometimes a falcon, more often an imposing (but charming) woman in black, Miss Peregrine would do anything to protect the children in her charge. She can take flight, manipulate time, and wields a crossbow… but she’ll still need help from Jake against a terrifying threat. Channel her tailored Gothic style with this mermaid skirt and Victorian silk blouse. Stunning Fleuvog boots and a silver brooch in the shape of a Peregrine falcon complete this striking look.



…when I was fifteen, an extraordinary and terrible thing happened, and there was only Before and After.



In many ways, Jake (Jacob in the novel) has a very understated look compared to the rest of the cast. Asa Butterfield plays a seemingly ordinary boy, thrown into a world of Hollows, time travel, and superpowered children – and he dresses accordingly. Don’t let the commonplace appearance fool you, though. There’s a lot more to Jake, and his grandfather, than meets the eye. Always in a thick sweater and sensible jacket, we’ve added a little Burton twist to his look with this fitted coat with a slightly Victorian twist, paired with a thick cable knit sweater and leather-look leggings. Throw on some thick boots (perfect for exploring the island wilderness in search of strange children!) and delicate crossbow earrings to complete this style.



"Hold on tight!"



In the film, Emma Bloom (Ella Purnell) is quite different to the Emma of the books – at least, her powers are. She and Olive (Lauren McCrostie) have had their powers switched, and Emma’s new abilities are a little more impressive than Olive’s original tendency to simply float away. Now, she can do all kinds of things with air – suck it all into an underwater room, use her breath to pin a man to a wall… and yes, float away when she isn’t kept on solid ground by her lead shoes. Emma’s style is a gorgeous combination of delicacy and weight, so we’ve combined this light and sweet lace dress with heavy spiked platforms. They aren’t quite the leaded shoes from the film, but they’re definitely going to make a statement! As an added touch, check out this stunning silver feather anklet – perfect for floating away.



…a spark. Abandoned at a circus when her parents couldn’t sell her to one.



Olive’s gift is fire, to match her fiery red hair! In the books, Olive (technically Emma, due to the power-swap) can use this ability to do something as small as light the way to using her flames as a weapon. In the film, it looks like she also can’t control it quite as well as she might like, so she wears heavy leather gloves to avoid accidental incineration! We’ve found a perfect version of her delicate pink ruffled dress, along with some dramatic black latex-look elbow gloves, and a tiny flaming pendant to finish it off.



"How many times have I told you? Polite persons do not take supper in the nude."



Millard’s clothes are all you notice about him – because they are literally all that can be seen of this particularly peculiar boy! Millard is also known as the Invisible Boy, and his classic clothes are worn on a completely invisible body – useful for sneaking, not so much for shaving. We’ve created a slightly more feminine version of this very vintage look, with a knitted dress that would look perfect over a white shirt. Worn with knee high boots and a leather (rather than tweed) jacket, it’s a perfectly modern version of this style. Take the look a little further back in time with this gorgeous leather bracelet with a vintage soccer charm or a tweed cap to set it off.



"We're peculiar," he replied, sounding a bit puzzled. "Aren't you?"
"I don't know. I don't think so."
"That's a shame."


Peculiar People

For those who would rather pay homage to the whimsical world of Peculiar Children without focusing on one particular character (it’s so hard to choose!), there are also many adorable accessories that can be added to any outfit. From miniature novel necklaces and bracelets made out of pages from the original book to charms of birds in flight and a pendant with a classic quote, there are lots of ways to embrace your own peculiarity.