Top 10 Etsy Creations Inspired by Nyan Cat

Posted by Eric Smith

Bonus: You can download this as a desktop wallpaper, here!

Alright, I’ll admit it. I freaking love Nyan Cat, one of the most annoying Internet memes of all time. When I’m having a rough day, the non-stop Nyan Cat website cheers me up immediately.

The little cat wedged inside a Pop Tart has inspired a number of things, from video games (Nyan Cat iOS) to a custom YouTube slider bar. But perhaps most importantly, its driven a wealth of crafters to create his/her likeness, from scarves to necklaces, plushies to totebags. Below, you’ll find my top ten Etsy creations, sparked by the Nyan Cat phenomenon.

Have some picks that didn’t make it? Own a special handmade Nyan Cat item? Let me know!

Nyan Cat Scarf: Made-to-order, anti-pill fleece scarf. Over 5 feet long. As of this posting, Carly (XD Creations) is donating 10% of her profits to Japan through the Red Cross. $32.

Keeep Calmz An Nyanyan Print: 12×18″, printed on heavyweight 150g paper by DesignNoy. $12.

Nyan Cat Rubber Stamps: Hand carved out of high quality rubber by Emily of xxNostalgic. $8.

Nyan Cat Cross Stitch Pattern: Want to make your own Nyan Cat? ThatQuietChick can help you out. $5.

Nyan Cat Necklace: Crafted with Nyan (Love) by GrandmaThunderpants. She also has the best Etsy name ever. 3″ charm on an 18″ chain. Handmade using polymer clays and acrylic paint. $23.

Nyan Cat Puff: ADORABLE. Made by Kitty Pink Stars. £10 (About $16.39)

Nyan Cat SINGING Plush: Yes, you saw that right. Made by Pandari, this plushie actually sings the Nyan Cat song when you squeeze it. There’s a YouTube video of it in action, here. $45.

Nyan Cat Coasters & Holder: Patchwork Laboratory took a commercial chrome metal napkin holder and threaded acrylic rainbow yarn all around it. The Nyan Cat is made of Perler beads, and the coasters are all handmade. Awesome. $35.

Nyan Cat Tote Bags: Now you can put anything inside that delicious, delicious Pop Tart, thanks to Plastic Daisy. $27.

Nyan Cat Original Drawing: There are a LOT of Nyan Cat drawings and paintings on Etsy, but this one by Meltonium was by far my favorite. $7.

Bonus Pick: Perler Bead Tachnyan: The heavy metal version of Nyan Cat can be spotted as the villain in the Nyan Cat game. Crafted by Patchwork Laboratory. $14.

Thanks to Jay, who sings Nyan Cat in the shower, on the bus and on stage with his band Venice Sunlight, for the idea.

Eric Smith


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