Let’s Smuggle in Some Books for the Ladies of OITNB

Posted by Jamie Canaves

Prison’s hard, yo! Just ask the ladies of Orange is the New Black who deal with kitchen wars, psycho guards, religious extremism, baby-mama drama, love feuds, back stabbing, manipulation, the SHU… 

Okay, so yes, they’re in prison for a reason and it’s supposed to be punishment but I think the prison library can do with some new books to keep these ladies sane—and teach a few of them a thing or two. So let’s smuggle in some books!—

(Er… Dear NSA, what I meant was I’m going to legally donate to the OITNB prison library for season 3, premiering this Friday.)

Dear Chapman, 
Here's The Life and Death of Sophie Stark because it’s a great book you'll enjoy. Also, maybe it’ll make you wonder how those closest to you would remember you and lead to your ah-ha moment:  You aren't actually a victim.

Dear Nicky, 
Enjoy Come As You Are and then please leave it on Healey’s desk.   

Dear Poussey, 
Here’s hoping that with Red’s new garden and Hooch you can make some tastier treats.

Dear Alex,
Thought you might like Unbecoming—no, not selected just because of the title. 
P.S. You’re not the only one who will like it so feel free to share with you-know-who because we all know you will.

Dear Red,  
Read Why Did the Chicken Cross the World? while you wait to catch and cook your chicken.

Dear Daya, 
Yes, Adventures in Cartooning is aimed at a young audience but you gotta start somewhere, so don’t give me that face. 
P.S. We look forward to one day reading your graphic novel.

Dear Sophia, 
Here's Life’s A Drag! Paper Dolls while you wait for the release of Laverne Cox’s memoir.

Dear Yoga Jones, 
While you won’t be making any of the recipes you can still find inspiration in the beautiful photos and insights in Yoga Girl
P.S. Don’t pull anything.

Dear Miss Rosa, 
Drive because we don’t like rudeness either.  

Dear Suzanne, 
Thought you might like The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl
*Crazy Eyes looks up.  “You calling me awkward?”
*Taystee yanks the book from her.  “Ooh, I’ll read it."

Dear Vee, 
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest for so many reasons.


Dear Morello, 
We love you, girl—but, um… you need to read He’s Just Not That Into You until it sinks in. Deeply sinks in.


Dear Pennsatucky, 
Maybe you’ll find your way if you spend more time with your mouth zipped and your eyes reading: Are You There God? It’s me, Margaret.; Not My Father’s Son; Little Women; What I Know For Sure.

Now don’t forget to share, ladies!