Delicious Ways to Bring Hello Kitty into Your Kitchen

Posted by Kristina Pino
We've got a bit of Hello Kitty fever over at Quirk Books. Can't help it – awesome stuff like The Hello Kitty Baking Book and Hello Kitty Crochet are out, and we can't get enough of the adorable character. Those cake pops featured above? Totally from Hello Kitty Baking. 
Hello Kitty lends herself rather well to all kinds of design, but particularly anything that's sweet or candy-like. So I've put together a little round-up of some of my favorite Hello Kitty cooking and baking videos on YouTube. 

First up are these perfect Hello Kitty apple pies, as made by Kawaiisweetworld, a.k.a. Rachel. She actually has various Hello Kitty-related food videos, like how to make a Hello Kitty brownie parfait, or a red velvet cake, or even a crepe cake. Her recipe videos are great, and her instructions are pleasant to watch and listen to, and easy to follow. 

Rosanna Pansino's Nerdy Nummies is one of my favorite shows on YouTube. Ro has a totally rockin' video on making Hello Kitty-themed caramel-dipped apples, and they're perfect for the Fall. The best part about recipes like this is once you learn how to make the caramel apples, you could apply it to, really, any character you like. Decorating is fun! 

Are you a fan of macaroons? They're actually not that difficult to make, and with a little bit of patience, you can get them in the shape of Hello Kitty. This is a nice overview on making them with coconut flavor and azuki red bean filling, but you can, of course, substitute the flavors for what you like. 

Cayla over at the channel pankobunny gives the ice cream sandwich a twist by making it with pink brownies and, not satisfied with using simple ice cream for the middle, ice cream with mochi, strawberry, and red bean paste mixed in. The video above is rather short, but simple to follow. Impress your friends with this delightfully unique ice cream sandwich! 

My Cupcake Addiction has a great tutorial on making cake pops look like Hello Kitty. You can use your own recipe or use one that's linked in the video, but the important part here is getting the details on shaping and decorating. This culinary artist takes it a step further by attaching Kitty's body to the lolly stick, so she isn't just a head. It's a nice touch, but of course, unnecessary if you don't want to go through the extra trouble. 

This last video is a bonus addition, and the only one that isn't a sweet of some kind. A little boy walks us through making Hello Kitty pizza, and although the video is in Spanish, the process is simple enough to follow just watching the process if you don't understand what he's saying. I thought it was cute and simple, and a great project for parties, especially with children. He uses ham for the bows (though I'm sure pepperoni would work just as well), olives for the black details, and corn for the nose. 

Feel free to add more links to your own favorite Hello Kitty cooking videos in the comments below.