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How-To Tuesday: Crafting DIY Book-Inspired Cards

It's Letter Writing Week! There’s something oddly satisfying about getting handwritten notes and letters that electronic mail just can’t convey. Don’t get me wrong, I, like most people my age, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and the ilk but there are times where the virtual emojis and letters just don’t cut it.

The weight of the paper, the way people write their letters and even the stamps that people choose all tell stories. What better way to tell a story than create book-inspired cards? They’re conversation starters and a great way to connect with people.

Posted by Jessica Yang

NaNoWriMo: Taylor Swift Edition

As most people know, Taylor Swift is influenced by the events in her life—breakups, negative celebrities and more when it comes to songwriting so I couldn’t help but imagine how T-Swift’s songs would change if she participated in NaNoWriMo.

Here are some ideas, revised lyrics written to go along with the original songs:

Posted by Jessica Yang

Books We’re Thankful For: How Winnie the Pooh Changed My Life

Winnie the Pooh changed my life. Not in a he’s-an-adorable-bear-and-was-my-childhood kind of way but in my-major-was-influenced-by-a-fat-yellow-bear-wearing-a-red-shirt kind of way.

Posted by Jessica Yang

How-to Tuesday: Simple Ways to Hello Kitty Your Everyday Life

Projects from Hello Kitty Crochet

Hello Kitty is the probably one of the most famous kitties and the most ubiquitous kitty in our lives, appearing in various forms from pots to instant ramen. Yet, how ingrained is she in your personal life? Do you have anything Hello Kitty related? I mean, we do, what with our Hello Kitty Baking Book and Crochet book that came out last month. If not, here’s our guide to Hello Kitty-fy your own daily routine.

Breakfast: There’s no better way to start off your day with a serving of pancakes so why not make Hello Kitty pancakes? You can either draw your Hello Kitty pancakes using a squeeze bottle filled with pancake batter or use a metal Hello Kitty cookie cutter as a mold to shape your pancakes.

Posted by Jessica Yang

Five Books That We’d Love to See As Choose Your Own Adventure Novels

We must move forward, or so the saying goes, but I can’t help but miss some things from my childhood.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t miss those pencils that were made of stackable tips (oh the horror when you lost one!) or erasable pens that are really neither pen nor pencil but I do miss a good Choose Your Own Adventure book.
Those were the highlight of my childhood and in the interest of bringing back my childhood, I’ve compiled a list of books that would make great Choose Your Own Adventure books. 

Posted by Jessica Yang