How-To Tuesday: Cupid’s Printable Bookmark

Posted by Jamie Canaves

This Valentine’s Day while you’re planning a romantic dinner, or a fun evening with friends, or a good ice-cream-and-Netflix marathon don’t forget to send a little love in the direction of your books. They are after all the best travel agent, and probably taught you a great deal of things including a few about love, friendship and family.

So treat yourself to a bookmark and make one with your favorite quote for a friend, loved one, librarian, teacher or any of the bibliophiles in your life, because any bookish lover will tell you a bookmark is a perfect Valentine’s Day card.


Print Cupid’s Bookmark on cardstock paper (Download the file below!)

Scissors and/or X-Acto knife


String or yarn or ribbon

Assembly (Click Here for a Step By Step Guide!)

1. Cut out bookmarks, gift tag, and patterned square.

2. Cut a slit or hole at the top of the gift tag and the arrow.

3. Fill out “to”and “from” on one side of the gift tag. Pick your favorite book quote and write/print it on a strip of paper making sure the width will fit within the patterned square.

4. Glue a thin line on the border of the back of the patterned square and halfway up the two adjoining sides, leaving one side with no glue.

5. Glue patterned square down onto gift tag, non-glue side facing top hole.

6. Fold quote in half.

7. Cut yarn, string or ribbon to desired length. Fold in half and pass the folded piece through the top of the arrow hole. Pass the string end through the ribbon loop and pull.

8. Pass the string ends through the hole in the gift tag, knot and tie into a bow.

9. Slide your quote into the patterned square.

10. Present as gift and bathe in the love. Or keep both because you really love yourself and your books.

Here's the printable pattern! And for bragging rights can you name the books these quotes came from?

Right Click and Save As (Image is 1.5MB)

Tell us your favorite bookish proclamations of love in the comments and tag us with #cupidsbookmark on Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram to show off your bookmark with your current read or favorite book!