How-To Tuesday: Commit Random Acts of Bookishness With Our Printable Notes!

Posted by Jamie Canaves

Ways to express your love for a book: shout it from the rooftops; put it in a song; hold up the line while you list the books the cashier needs to read—Or you can participate in a random act of bookishness! Because who wouldn’t love to find a little book note stowed away in a book they’re reading? The answer is no one. No one.

  • Print your bookish tags—download here. (Cardstock paper recommended but plain paper works.)
  • Cut out tags.
  • Anonymously—or not—leave a note for a fellow reader tucked into the pages of a book.  (Ideas: in a book you’re gifting; inside a book at the bookstore or library; in a borrowed book; in a book on a friend’s bookshelf…)

Want to share the thrill and excitement? Show your hidden tag by posting a picture with #RandomActOfBookishness on Twitter, FB, IG, or Tumblr.