How to Train Your Cat for Your Own Kitten Bowl

Posted by Sandra Woolf

Even though the Super Bowl and Kitten Bowl have come and gone, there’s plenty of time to train your cat to be the MVP in next year's Kitten Bowl. Think your kitten has what it takes to make the team? Well, here are a few ways to train your little all-star.


First thing your kitty needs to do is practice. Practice makes puurfect! So, make sure to play with your kitty every day to get them in tip top shape. A well-balanced diet will also get your little fella ready for game day. Remember, a growing kitten needs plenty of fuel.


Next, let’s run through the training techniques. Lots of jumping is involved during the game. Got catch those footballs! Attach a toy to a string and let your furry friend try to catch it. Don’t work too hard though. You don’t want to your little buddy pulling a hamstring before the big game!


Running is the next item of business. Gotta get that cat-io! We recommend a laser pointer to encourage your kitten to run some laps. Kittens love to play chase, so it shouldn’t be hard to motivate your little player to run for the goal!


In the Kitten Bowl the goal posts are made of rope. That means lots of climbing. Scratching posts are a good way to sharpen your kitten’s skills, and claws! Teach your kitten to climb high and block the other team’s goals. We don’t authorize the use of drugs, but a little cat nip might encourage your kitten to love the scratching post, and not your sofa….


Finally, don’t forget to give your paw-working kitten a few treats! This can even be helpful if your tiny QB is food motivated. Just make sure to give them plenty of H2O. Hydration is key in winning the big game. Playing hard should be rewarded with lots of cuddles and love.

Sandra Woolf

Sandra Woolf

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