Bloggers, You’re In For A World Of Trouble

Posted by Eric Smith

Bloggers! The final book in Ben H. Winters' amazing, Edgar award winning The Last Policeman trilogy, World of Trouble, will collide with bookstores everywhere this July. I can't wait to see how things wrap up for Detective Hank Palace, and I want to get you just as excited about it as I am.

We released the first book, The Last Policeman, in 2012, with the second book, Countdown City, following just last year. For those of you who haven't taken a trip into Ben's fantastic pre-apocalyptic world, I want to give you that chance before the final book hits. So if you'd like to get familiar with the series I'd be more than happy to send you the first two books to review on your book blog or BookTube channel. 

Or if you're just curious how many asteroid puns I can make in a single email (spoiler: a lot), you can reach out to me at [email protected]

Eric Smith


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