The World of Trouble Pre-order Campaign: Get Signed Bookplates, Limited Edition Prints, & More!

Posted by Eric Smith

Next month World of Trouble, the final book in Ben H. Winters’ award winning Last Policeman trilogy, hits stores everywhere. We’ve all grown quite attached to Hank Palace here at the Quirk Books HQ, and while we’re all sad to see him go, we’re definitely sending him out with… well, do excuse the asteroid crash pun… out with a bang.

In addition to a fun blog tour (we’ll announce all the stops for that soon!), we’re launching a pre-order campaign for World of Trouble. Pre-order your copy, email us a photo of your receipt, and you’ll get all kinds of special VIP extras. You’ll also be entered into a giveaway to win an awesome H.P.S.K. (Hank Palace Survival Kit).

Read on to learn more about the special tiers you can unlock during the pre-order campaign. Not to be confused with tears, which we’re busy crying now that the trilogy is ending.


Danger Level: One, Status: OPEN

Pre-order a copy of World of Trouble, email [email protected] a screenshot or photo of your receipt, and you’ll receive a free, signed bookplate from Ben H. Winters to stick inside your book!


Danger Level: Two, Status: OPEN

Pre-order six or more copies of World of Trouble for your book club, and Ben H. Winters will hold a special Skype session with you and your group, to discuss the book and the series. You’ll also receive bookplates for each of your books. Email [email protected] a screenshot or photos of your receipt.


Danger Level: Three, Status: OPEN, 100 Available!

Be one of the first 100 people to send us your receipt after pre-ordering World of Trouble, and you’ll receive a limited Last Policeman print by illustrator Joseph Laney. You’ll also get a signed bookplate from Ben H. Winters. Email [email protected] a screenshot or photos of your receipt. When we've hit 100 pre-orders, this level will be crossed out. 


Danger Level: Four, Status: UNLOCKED, Five Available

It’s time to get tweeting! After all, the end of the world will likely have a hashtag.

We've hit over 100 social interactions with the #WorldOfTrouble hashtag on Twitter, so we’ll reward five special preorder-ers with a framed, signed Last Policeman 12×24 poster based on the original cover! The five winners will be chosen on July 15th, and notified via Twitter. 


Danger Level: Five, Status: Locked! [Need 100 Tweets!], Five Available

The #WorldOfTrouble campaign continues! Once we hit 100 social interactions, we’ll unlock this awesome, final tier. We've got pictures coming soon, but five lucky pre-order-ers will win an amazing Hank Palace Survival Kit, which comes with:

  1. Ruled notebook with pencils. He has a number of these from his old mentor.
  2. Custom painted Nerf SIG Sauer P229 by Philly's Nitemardchild Design! Based (very loosely) on the gun Hank carries. 
  3. A bag of coffee. Because that’s all Hank really wanted in Countdown City.
  4. A manual pencil sharpener. No spoilers, but it’s important in World of Trouble.
  5. Steel coffee thermos. With a sharpie so you can write your name on it.

The five winners will be chosen on July 15th, and notified via Twitter. 

Good luck, Hank Palace fans! Pre-order and tweet away. Let’s do this!

Eric Smith


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