New Terms for the Modern Book Lover

Posted by J. B. Kish

Some situations are so specific, we invent new terms to properly communicate them with others. Take “gaslighting," for example. Ten years ago, we might have struggled to describe the type of person that psychologically manipulates someone into questioning their own sanity. Now, we just say, “That person is a gaslighter, and we should take them off our Christmas card list.” There. Easy peasy. 

Similarly specific situations are all around us, and book lovers suffer as much as the next. So, we’ve taken a stab at coining a few terms that might help you better communicate in the future.  


Spoiled Popcorn

When you're watching a movie and it turns out to be better than you thought. Now you’re suddenly wishing you’d read the book first, but you’ve already learned so much of the plot. Do you abruptly stop watching? Do you keep going and then read the book after? But what if the book is basically the exact same as the script? Is that essentially like watching the film two times in a row? Because that’s not really fun…WHAT DO YOU DO?!



Edition Envy 

When you’re perusing a friend’s bookshelf and they have a much, much cooler edition of a book you own.



Page Slapped

When you’re reading before bed and get so sleepy that you accidentally drop a book on your face.



Cozy Vacuum

Someone who interrupts your reading time. You’ve gotten comfortable. Fixed something to drink. Curled up with your book. And then a cozy vacuum comes storming in, talking to you, banging around, and generally sucking up all your precious reading time.  



Book Ballin'

Book ballin’ is the opposite of spending guilt. A book baller feels a sense of pride and happiness when showing others how many books they've just purchased. See: Sarah’s Scribbles

J. B. Kish

J. B. Kish

J. B. Kish grew up in the American Southwest and spent most of his childhood concocting strange stories with spooky monsters. Now, he lives in the Pacific Northwest and has begun publishing those childhood nightmares for others. He is the author of two novels, including the paranormal thriller A Wall for Teeth and Stingers, which takes place in both Arizona and Oregon. He has the same birthday as Captain Kathryn Janeway, which is a thing he takes very seriously. Probably too seriously.