Affirmations for your Sad Desk Lunch

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

The leaves are changing colors and there’s a wonderful chill in the air. It’s Fall, y’all! And even though we’ve been out of school for years at this point, we still associate this time of year with back to school. Do you remember those notes your parents would pack in your school lunch – those sweet little letters that always left you so embarrassed? We think it’s time to bring those back. Because the sad desk lunch could really use an upgrade. Trust us on this one.




Notes to Self

Take a cue from Leslie Knope and embrace how badass you really are. She’s not afraid to admit that she often inspires herself, so why shouldn’t you? Spend a little time before bed mentally pumping yourself up for the next day and jot down a few words of affirmation. An afternoon “You can do this!” goes a long way when you have a presentation after lunch. “You’re worth it!” paired with your favorite treat will make asking for that raise that much easier. It’s enough to make you want to call your parents immediately – and apologize for being so embarrassed all those years.


Screen Caps 

If you can’t think of the right words to say, let your favorite TV show do the talking. Print out your favorite screen cap and revel in the genius of the writers’ room. Janet from The Good Place is an excellent place to start. Her complete lack of self-consciousness – not a robot! – makes her the perfect source of affirmation. If The Good Place isn’t your cup of tea, choose your favorite feel good comedy – the show you put on at the end of a long day – and apply the same principal: positive vibes only.


Inspirational Quotes

Pack your lunch with a daily dose of inspiration. Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” and while every word lives in our bones, we could really use a lunch note that shares this message. On paper, the phrase takes on new meaning, extending to an unsolicited comment from a stranger on the commute to work or the way a coworker makes us feel when they point out a mistake on our report. Spend some time with your favorite inspirational quotes – from former first ladies to current pop superstars. It’s guaranteed to brighten your day!




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Bookmarked Instagram Posts

We’re all trying to spend less time on our phones during the day, but that doesn’t mean your lunch has to be Instagram-free. Print out some of your favorite Instagram posts – whether they’re from friends and family or celebrity favorites like Tracee Ellis Ross or Gina Rodriguez – and soak in the positive vibes, without the temptation to click over to the rest of the internet. It’ll put a smile on your face, guaranteed.


Extra Credit: Plan Ahead

We know that keeping up a tradition like this is time consuming and easy to let fall by the wayside. So, why not make things easy on yourself? Spend some time this weekend stocking up on these affirmations, collecting them in a mason jar or other decorative container. And then make it part of your lunch packing routine. Assemble that salad and throw in a random note. Pack up last night’s leftovers and grab a quote. And it’ll add a level of surprise to the whole endeavor. Win-win!