Add Some Humor To That School Lunch

Posted by Brett Cohen

Is your child tired of the same old, boring school lunch? Well, I’ve got an easy way to mix things up AND make your kid cooler at the same time. Behold printable jokes to be included in the lunch box.

Imagine your child’s delight as he removes the turkey sandwich to find a little something special tucked next to the bag of chips. “What’s this?” he may say to himself as he opens it and giggles quietly. His friends will ask “what’s so funny?” Soon, a crowd forms and he quickly becomes the envy of his peers as they gather around each day waiting to be brought to tears with laughter.

Individual results may vary. But, you get my point.

To get started, just print out and cut the sheet up as indicated. Include one joke each day–there’s enough for 3 school weeks! And, there are more where these came from inside Monkeyfarts: Wild & Wacky Jokes for Kids.

These jokes were kid-tested and mother-approved. Enjoy.

Brett Cohen

Brett Cohen

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