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BLOG Books to Read If You Like Gawain from A24’s The Green Knight

David Lowery's The Green Knight (and the sheer power of Dev Patel) is bound to leave viewers wanting more Gawain, so here's a small handful of book recs that give Gawain the attention he deserves.

BLOG Books to Try While Waiting for Legend of Zelda Games

With the re-release of Skyward Sword in HD, let's look at some books that capture the same colorful, fantastical energy of the magical and delightful world of Legend of Zelda.

BOOK Chasing Ghosts

Take a spirited tour through the supernatural history of America, from its haunted sites to its famous ghosts to its ghost-obsessed pop culture.

BLOG A Little Bit Late, But Well Worth the Wait Pop Culture Projects

Over a year after its original release date, Black Widow is poised to make her first solo film appearance, and we at Quirk wanted to look at some of the great pop culture projects which were a little bit late but well worth the wait.

BOOK Dare to Know

Dark Matter meets Annihilation in this mind-bending and emotional speculative thriller set in a world where the exact moment of your death can be predicted–for a price.

BLOG Books by Comedians

From essays to memoirs to hilarious snippets of comedic life events, these books from some of the biggest names in comedy are sure to make anyone laugh.

BOOK William Shakespeare's Avengers: The Complete Works

Assemble, Ye Avengers! All four Avengers films are presented as Shakespearean plays in this must-have for Marvel fans.

BOOK School of Rock

For those about to read . . . we salute you! The zany and much-beloved comedy-musical film about pint-sized rockers sticking it to the man is now an adorable picture book! 

BOOK The Wild World Handbook: Creatures

Packed with real-life tales of adventure, breathtaking illustrations, and practical tools, this handbook is an inspiring guide for the next generation of climate activists, conservationists, and nature lovers.

Explore New Book Releases

  • Bookish and the Beast
    Bookish and the Beast
    A tale as old as time is made new in Ashley Poston's fresh, geeky retelling of Beauty and the Beast.
  • The Ultimate Evil
    The Ultimate Evil
    The true-crime cult classic that inspired the Netflix docuseries The Sons of Sam: A Descent into Darkness and a companion podcast, The Ultimate Evil follows journalist Maury Terry’s decades-long investigation into the terrifying truth behind the Son of Sam murders.
  • Siri, Who Am I?
    Siri, Who Am I?
    A Millennial with amnesia uses her Instagram account to piece together her identity in this hilarious and whip-smart comedy about the ups and downs of influencer culture.
  • Secret Santa
    Secret Santa
    The Office meets Stephen King, dressed up in holiday tinsel, in this fun, festive, and frightening horror-comedy set during the horror publishing boom of the ’80s, by New York Times best-selling satirist Andrew Shaffer.
  • The Fangirl's Journal for Leveling Up
    The Fangirl's Journal for Leveling Up
    A companion to The Fangirl's Guide to the Universe, this guided journal by Sam Maggs includes essays, prompts, and illustrations to help fangirls get in touch with their dreams, plans, and faves.
  • The Fangirl's Guide to the Universe
    The Fangirl's Guide to the Universe
    From notable geek girl Sam Maggs, The Fangirl's Guide to the Universe is the ultimate handbook for teens living the nerdy life. 
  • Pet That Dog!
    Pet That Dog!
    From 12-year-old dog-loving Gideon Kidd of the viral social media account I've Pet That Dog, Pet That Dog! A Handbook for Making Four-Legged Friends is a highly-illustrated guide to meeting, caring for, and learning about humans' best friend.
  • Elf
    Rediscover the laughter and cheer of Buddy the Elf in this adorable picture book for readers of all ages!
  • Cursed Objects
    Cursed Objects
    Beware...this book is cursed! These strange but true stories of the world’s most infamous items will appeal to true believers as well as history buffs, horror fans, and anyone who loves a good spine-tingling tale. 
  • Redemption
    Filled with quotes from Bob Marley’s speeches, interviews, and writings, this collection is sure to resonate with fans of his music and political activism, at a time when we need exemplary heroes. 
  • Won't You Be My Neighbor?
    Won't You Be My Neighbor?
    The iconic song “Won’t You Be My Neighbor?” from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood is transformed into a board book for a new generation of kids. 
  • It's You I Like
    It's You I Like
    The heartwarming song “It’s You I Like” from Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood is transformed into a board book for a new generation of kids. 
  • The Big Book of Mars
    The Big Book of Mars
    Filled with entertaining history, archival images, pop culture ephemera, and interviews with NASA scientists, The Big Book of Mars is the most comprehensive look at our relationship with Mars—yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

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