Wow, Amaze, Very Fiction: Our Favorite Doges from Books and Beyond

Posted by Brian Morell

Wow. Amaze. Very fiction. Such fluff. So Quirk. If you don’t speak doge, then you might be a little confused—like many internet memes, doges and shibes just need to be seen to understood. In a nutshell, they're kind of like lolcats, but with Shibas instead of cats, and lower-case Comic Sans instead of ALL CAPS Impact. So book, wow, such characters, amaze.

Get it? Sort of? Then please allow me to translate: We are so excited to share with you some of our favorite fictional doge!

Lassie works very hard at making sure that Timmy does his homework, doesn’t oversleep, and stays out of wells. If it wasn’t for this diligent doge, Timmy would certainly be dead by now. Amaze.


Clifford was a tiny red dog who kept growing and growing and didn’t stop until he was over 25 feet tall. Such growth! He’s very friendly and helpful, but sometimes he forgets how big he’s gotten, which can get him into trouble. Wow.


The story of Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, starring Richard Gere, is an American remake from the original Japanese movie, Hachiko Monogatari. Based on the true story of a loyal dog, Hachi, that kept returning to the train station where he greeted his owner every day, even after the man had died, this beloved dog was commemorated with a statue at Shibuya Station in Japan. Amaze.


Wishbone’s big imagination allows him to become a part of some of our most beloved works of literature. He also helped me pass high school English, thanks to his adventures! Wow.


Poor Cujo! He was so kind and friendly before an unfortunate run in with a rabies-infected bat, but even the best doges can go bad sometimes. Wow.


Snoopy is one talented doge. He can write, he can fly, and he’s also much cool. And don’t forget that he is an incredible dancer. Amaze.


Roll over Beethoven! This large St. Bernard started off as a small pup when he wandered into the Newton family house. Despite his tendency to make a mess of things, Beethoven becomes a beloved member of the family. Wow.


Longtime doge of the Doctor, K-9 is a loyal, intelligent, and very polite robot-dog, who has helped the Doctor and his companions on many adventures. He’s a good dog. Affirmative! Amaze.


I know this isn’t fictional, but it’s still a book. A Quirk Book, in fact! On sale now! Wow.