Worst-Case Wednesday: How to Make Household Chores Fun

Posted by Erin McInerney

Bonus Tip: Find cute animals to help you out.

Now that the dark days of winter are gone, many people will set out to clear off some of the dark place in their homes. That’s right; we’re referring to the dreaded spring cleaning. While there are some who relish the opportunity to give their home a good scrubbing, many of us fear and loathe household chores.

But, thanks to The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, we have some very important instructions on how to survive all the tasks on your to-do list, and maybe even have some fun while you’re at it (active imagination required for most of these).

How to Make Household Chores Fun

· Raise the stakes – Pretend you are a secret agent. Imagine that if you do not finish washing, drying, and folding laundry within one hour, a large city will be destroyed.

· Make it a drinking game – Award yourself a beer or shot for every dish washed, toilet cleaned, etc.

· Do a playby-play – Offer an ongoing description of your actions as your perform them. “And he’s reaching for the cord of the lawnmower – he’s pulling it, and pulling it, and- he’s got it! The mower is on!”

· Do the chores in the middle of the night – Pretend you are a ninja or a burglar, and you must complete the chores in total silence or risk discovery

· Put on music – Find music that enlivens the chore-doing drudgery (hip-hop) rather than exacerbates it (funeral marches).