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Worst-Case Wednesday: How to Make Household Chores Fun

Bonus Tip: Find cute animals to help you out.

Now that the dark days of winter are gone, many people will set out to clear off some of the dark place in their homes. That’s right; we’re referring to the dreaded spring cleaning. While there are some who relish the opportunity to give their home a good scrubbing, many of us fear and loathe household chores.

But, thanks to The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, we have some very important instructions on how to survive all the tasks on your to-do list, and maybe even have some fun while you’re at it (active imagination required for most of these).

Posted by Erin McInerney

Worst-Case Wednesday: How to Treat Sunburn

Use this, you guys! (Image via Birchbox)

While some people are able to step outside and flourish in the sunshine, there are those of us who manage to get sunburned in the time it takes to walk to the car. 

There is nothing worse than forgetting sunscreen and finding yourself red and in pain.  While there is no magical cure to sunburn, there are luckily some tips and tricks that make it slightly more bearable.  If you’ve ever found yourself on the losing end of a battle with the sun, read on for The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook’s advice for how to ease the pain.

Posted by Erin McInerney

Worst-Case Wednesday: How to Survive in a Cheap Hotel

We’ve all been there: you’re in the middle of a road trip and everyone agrees to stop and spend the night somewhere. Or, you miss your flight home from a vacation and have to stay at the nearest hotel. In situations like these, if you haven’t planned ahead you may find yourself with less than ideal accommodations. 

The next time you find yourself pulling off the highway and up to a hotel that looks like it hasn’t been updated since last century, follow The Complete Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook to make your one star room feel at least like one and a half star one.

Posted by Erin McInerney

Worst-Case Wednesday: Meat Grilling Tips

Image via Kitchen Daily

For many, there is nothing better than the smell of a grill firing up, followed by the taste of any assortment of food straight off the fire. Grilling is synonymous with summertime, barbeques, and delicious meals. There always seems to be “that person” at the party that takes on the title of “grill master.”

Somehow, they remain unfazed by the fire and heat and manage to know exactly how long to cook everything. There is, of course, nothing worse than someone who thinks they are up for the task, and manages to either overcook or undercook everything.

Don’t be that person. If you are ready to be the hero or heroine of every backyard party, read on for The Ultimate Survival Man-ual’s easy tips for how to achieve grilling perfection every time.

Posted by Erin McInerney

Worst-Case Wednesday: How to Jump from a Building Into a Dumpster

Everyone loves a good action movie. 

From James Bond to Superman, action stars manage to bring excitement and entertainment to even the most high-brow movie viewers. Something about their ability to escape any and all dangerous situations while remaining calm and cool under pressure seems to unite and inspire audiences everywhere.

If you’ve ever left an action film wishing that you could be half as cool as the heroes onscreen, read on for The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Extreme Edition’s instructions on how to escape when being pursued by the bad guys.

Posted by Erin McInerney

Worst-Case Wednesday: How to Survive a Flash Flood in a Car

Image via
Everyone knows the age old saying “April showers bring May flowers.” And while a logical look at the average precipitation by month may show that this is not necessarily true, those who think worst-case scenario just KNOW that April is the most dangerous month for rain.
Furthermore, what happens if that innocent rain shower turns into a full-fledged flood? And what if you happen to be driving when that happens? Well, good thing The Ultimate Worst-Case Scenario Handbook is here to give you instructions on what to do. Because it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

Posted by Erin McInerney