Who Wore it Better? -Literary Edition


Toss aside your copy of Us Weekly. We’ve gathered up characters from different books in similar ensembles, and then we took the pairings to book lovers for a vote. Check out these outfit twins to see who won, who lost, and whose look you’ll be stealing for your night out this weekend.


Cersei Lannister vs. Galadriel

The consensus is that Cersei is a stone cold b*tch who keeps it classy, while Galadriel is an OG who has been rocking her style for thousands of years. Galadriel pulled ahead with her stylish headpiece, but strictly on fashion alone, Cersei wins every time. Nothing can compete with that lux, cool style that screams Lannister—not even kindness and accessories.


Carrie vs. Rick Grimes

Being covered in blood never looked this good. Rick put a lot of effort into his blood-soaked attire. The deliberately placed intestines add a certain gory pizzazz. But Carrie? Carrie dons her “outfit” unwillingly…and then totally owns it. They say a great outfit can kill. Carrie 100% got that message.


Hawkeye vs. Katniss Everdeen

Hawkeye’s acrobatics and precision with his bow and arrow, pull together in an outfit designed to make up for his lack of superpowers. An ensemble like that means something, especially since it proves how hard Hawkeye worked to get where he is. Katniss’s outfit says a lot about her, too. The first book references her well-loved jacket and worn boots. It’s an outfit that speaks of the hard times she has dealt with in the past and the difficulties that await her future. But more than that… it shows her ability to survive. And her bow and arrows? They aren’t just weapons. Hawkeye may have trick arrows, but Katniss treats her bow like it’s a part of her.

Sorry, Hawkeye. Katniss has this one in the bag.


Ignatius J. Reilly vs. Holden Caulfield

To Ignatius and Holden, their hunting caps are beloved possessions. A Confederacy of Dunces opens with a line about Ignatius’s green hunting cap. According to Ignatius, “The outfit was acceptable by any theological and geometrical standards, however abstruse, and suggested a rich, inner life." And the cap isn’t an offense against taste and decency, something Ignatius feels strongly about. Holden’s red hunting cap is a major part of how he views himself. He wears it to show that he isn’t a “phony,” despite the hat not being very practical. On the flip side, Ignatius wears his because of its practicality.

In the end, Ignatius wins out. He never takes off his hunting cap, ever. That’s commitment, friends.

Christina Schillaci

Christina Schillaci

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