What’s in Jane the Virgin’s Diaper Bag?

Posted by Jamie Canaves

In anticipation of what this season of Jane the Virgin might bring—Will [REDACTED] marriage be annulled? Will [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] ever get back together?—we’ve decided to keep our blood pressure down and focus on something like Jane’s diaper bag. As in what will the new mama be carrying in it? 




Patterned with some Miami flamingo love Jane goes with the Pink Lining diaper bag, frugally aware it can later be used as a backpack if she goes for her Masters.

Never knowing when inspiration for her novel will strike Jane always has a journal at hand and her Momo pen –which doubles as entertainment if the baby gets fussy.

She takes her large monthly planner everywhere she goes because having a baby isn’t going to keep Jane from accomplishing all her goals. (We wonder if there’s any date night’s in there?)

Her iPod is a must as Jane’s happy to sneak in audiobooks while breastfeeding—she’s currently enthralled with An Ember in the Ashes and gives the baby a summary of the story when he’s fighting sleep.

And of course always-prepared Jane has a backup onesie that is all kinds of bookish adorable. 

Are you as excited about season two as we are?