What Would Agent Carter Read?

Posted by Margaret Dunham

Marvel’s Agent Carter has got us right by the heartstrings, which for us means one thing: trying to guess what each of the characters we love (or love to hate) would be reading! What would you find on their bookshelves, night stands, or tucked away in a handbag next to a pistol and sleep-inducing lipstick? Here are our best recommendations:

Agent Peggy Carter

The woman herself, what hasn’t she read? Smart, tactical, and ambitious, Agent Carter is the hero we need in the atomic era, and Haley Atwell’s performance delivers everything fans could wish for (and then some). While she likely has a stack of books in her To Be Read pile, we figure that this British ex-pat will likely be brushing up on her Americana and studying every possible way to negotiate her desperately unfair workplace. For those pursuits, she’d be picking up Stuff Every American Should Know and the The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Work.


Edwin Jarvis

Always accurate, helpful, and efficient, it’s no wonder Tony named his go-to helper program after Mr. Edwin Jarvis. On point with manners whether doing the laundry at home or covering for the assumed treachery of his boss, Jarvis has a knack for knowing just what to say, what to do, and how to help the people he cares about. A man so dedicated to his profession with such impeccable character is sure to enjoy reading like-minded pros, and for that he simply couldn’t o better than Emily Post’s Etiquette.


Angie Martinelli

Angie is the best, and the best friend an agent could wish for. But that doesn’t make keeping up with English any easier! This is one ambitious lady, and knowing what she does about Carter’s formerly secret identity, we’re sure she’d want to do everything she can to be ready for anything. She’d tear through The Action Heroine’s Handbook in no time, and probably be able to beat a lot of SRR agents at their own game in no time!


Agent Daniel Sousa

Sousa. Oh Agent Sousa. Running the west coast for the SSR can’t be easy, especially when you have feelings for the most intimidating woman in town! While Carter might not see it all the time, we think Sousa and Captain America have plenty in common. We’re sure that The Good Deed Guide would live on his bookshelf, but likely because it was a joke gift from friends and family who thought he was too kind, and he treasured the memory too much to let it go. That, or he loans it out to folks like Agent Thompson who clearly need it for instructions.


Dottie Underwood

Dottie makes a pretty perfect foil for Agent Carter – they’re both capable, agile, quick-thinking, no-nonsense operatives that are used to being consistently underestimated. We’ve seen how committed Dottie to her home workout regimen, so she’d probably get a lot out of The Stunt Woman’s Workout (or take notes on it for her own textbook on the subject).


Howard Stark

While he may not be the SSR’s most wanted anymore, Howard Stark is far from having a reliable network of close friends who will stand up for him in public (a trait some might say he passed on to his son Tony). Having a creative, action-oriented mind and a character that’s all about breaking or making up rules, How to Win Friends and Influence People is a tried and true classic that Howard would really benefit from. We think Jarvis just might be gutsy enough to slip into Mr. Stark’s briefcase.



“Love the hat.” With a wink and a nod, Rose doesn’t get a lot of screen time in the show, but she’s an integral part of the SRR’s function and their cover. Plus, the woman knows a great hat when she sees one. Hunting down absolutely killer style is much easier when you know what to looks for, and for that Rose would to The Little Guide to Vintage Shopping.


Agent Jack Thompson

Jack has a lot of skills when it comes to being one of the guys, and we’ve seen him fall back on them time and again (like anytime there’s an opportunity to give Carter credit or show vulnerability as a character). A guy like this is sure to want to perfect his skills in staying chummy with top guys in the boy’s club. To that end, we’re sure a well-thumbed copy of The Bro Code by ultimate fictional bro Barney Stinson would rest in his oh-so capable hands.

Of course, he could probably have a sequel to The Quotable Douchebag featuring only his lines…


Stay tuned to Agent Carter for more of this strong female protagonist’s adventures in La La Land!