Very Best of Quirk’s Book Recs for You

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

Photo by John Michael Thomson on Unsplash

Has the extra quarantine time annihilated your TBR pile? Do you miss the comforting stacks of books next to your bed or your packed "Want to Read" Goodreads shelf? We're got you covered with this helpful roundup of our very best book recs. 



Book Recommendations Based on Your Favorite Cheese

While we could spend hours waxing poetic about brie and gouda and blue cheese and oh wow is it lunch time yet? Does anyone have a perfectly curated cheese plate we could just, um, have? No one? Well, in that case, let’s use our cheese powers for good and recommend some books based on your favorite fromage.



Book Recs for the STEM Reader in Your Life

We have so much love for folks working in STEM fields – and the students who are being total badasses in the classroom. For National Inventors Day, we rounded up some book recommendation for the STEM reader in your life!



Book Recommendations for the Newest Decade of Roaring '20s

We’ve all seen the memes. Those GIFs of Leonardo DiCaprio toasting the camera in his Jay Gatsby best, accompanied by some variation on the phrase “The roaring ‘20s are back!” But what if we weren’t living in an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel? What if, spoiler alert, we weren’t huge fans of dying? It’s 2020 and we’re here to definitively say: your decade does not need to be roaring. So here are a few book recommendations for our kind of party.



Book Recommendations for Hallmark Movie Lovers

It may not be Hallmark Christmas movie season, but Hallmark movie lovers are diehard year-round fans. And whether the Hallmark movie lover in your life is you, your mom, your best friend, or your grandma, we have the perfect book recommendation to keep that cheesy wonderful rom com magic going all year long!



Book Recommendations for Your Inner Aeronaut

If you were the kid to dream of piloting your own airplane, drifting through the clouds in a hot air balloon, or engineering your own wings for solo flight, then these book recommendations are for you.



Book Recommendations for World Kindness Day

We have the perfect book line up to help spread kindness wherever you go.



Book Recommendations for Coming Out Day

We celebrated National Coming Out Day by rounding up our favorite queer-centric books, featuring some of our favorite young adult protagonists.



Your Ultimate '80s Summer Pop Culture Recommendations

Stranger Things 3 sent us into an almost endless Netflix spiral, but we were left wondering how to process the quintessential '80s teenage experience that Will, Dustin, Lucas, Mike, Max and Eleven suddenly found themselves in. Well, with '80s pop culture book recs, of course.



Book Recs Based on Studio Ghibli Films by author Ashley Poston

I love Studio Ghibli. When Howl’s Moving Castle came to theaters, I must’ve taken the hour and a half drive four—maybe five?—times to the only theater playing it in my region. I loved the colors, and the characters, and the story (even though it was miles different from the novel by Diana Wynne Jones, which I love equally as much and re-read every year). The Cat Returns is my pick-me-up whenever I feel sad, and Porco Rosso is the hilarious and heartfelt comfort on rainy days.

My other comfort, my love, my obsession—is books. So I thought, why not try to pair the two together like a nice cheese and some red wine?