#TreatYoShelf To The Nerdiest Bookends

Posted by Margaret Dunham

If you're a book lover, your shelves probably bear a heavy burden day in and day out. After all the work your bookshelves put into staying intact and not collapsing, shouldn't it deserve some nice things? We’ve scoured the Internet to find these delightfully geeky bookends to help you treat yo' shelf.

Harness your inner samurai with this set of katana bookends. The secret? It’s not stabbing, but magnets that hold your books in place.


All of time and space… what are you going to read?! Put your books in their own pocket dimension with these TARDIS bookends.

Let your nerd flag fly with these NERD bookends that leave no room for doubt about your taste in books, movies, and everything else.


Straight from the enrichment center at Aperture Laboratories, these Portal bookends are perfect for anyone who loves jumping into a good book.


Curating your reading list? House a precise and specific quantity of books between these elegant bracket bookends.


Everything (you read) is awesome! Show off your book collection and your master builder skills with this set of Lego bookends.


Trying to squeeze more reading time into your day? Compress your compositions with these old-school vise bookends.


Care for a bit of vintage or steampunk in your life? Tip your hat to classic characters and Old World charm with this set of top hat bookends.


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