Harry Potter Literary Roundup

Posted by Rose Moore

Just when you thought the magic was over, it revs right back up. Hold on to your hats, muggles. In honor of the new script, we've rounded up some bookish gear and accessories perfect for writers and readers who love the series. 

If there's one book series that is almost universally adored, it’s Harry Potter. JK Rowling’s epic journey through the wizarding world has been inspiring us since the late nineties, and although the final book in the original series was published nearly a decade ago, the franchise continues to grow. A new film based on one of the Hogwarts textbooks, Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, is coming to theaters in November. If you can't wait that long for Harry Potter goodness, you don't have to! July 31 saw Harry Potter and the Cursed Child hit shelves. The book isn’t a novel, but rather the script for the West End play of the same name which took to the stage on July 30. 

Read on for goodies!



Every bookworm needs a set of bookends to keep their treasured volumes from falling off the shelves. We can't all restack our shelves with a levitation spell. Or, if you have bookcases that don’t require bookends, these can simply be an accessory. Adding them between the books makes a statement, and it's a great way to break up the look of a wall of books. We especially love these bespoke bookends by The Pursuit that turn lines from the books into stunning pieces of art. 


Another great option brings together two iconic images from the series: Harry Potter himself and the sign of the Deathly Hallows (also available separately). We. Want.

If you don't have shelf space to waste on a bookend, try this shelf-block to add a little magic to your bookcase. By combining the Deathly Hallows, a broomstick, a snake, a wand, a lightning bolt, and quidditch rings, this hand-distressed block is absolutely magical. 



Plenty of readers are happy to use anything that happens to be nearby to mark their place when it’s time to stop reading – and as for those who dogear pages? Forget it. It’s true that a bus ticket might do the job perfectly well, but there's something super nice about an actual bookmark. Writers, too, can mark inspiring passages, important pages in reference books, and where they are in that awful editing stage of the process.


We love nancybaha’s Hogwarts and Deathly Hallows ribbons – simple, effective, and lovely with the house charms and HP logo dangling from the ends. The etsy store also stocks charm bookmarks that hook into the correct page, for those who aren’t a fan of ribbons.


Geeky Chic Boutique has a huge range of paper-clip bookmarks that are absolutely adorable. From the felt-version of Hedwig and the whole gang to Harry Potter glasses and bookmark bands, there is something for everyone.


Mirkwood Scribes also has a wide range of simple paper bookmarks, including several sets of four that fit together. These include one bookmark for each of the Hogwarts houses, a quartet of Maurader’s Map inspired bookmarks, and even some Ilvermony bookmarks. 


Journals and Book Covers

In addition to journals, included book covers and binder covers so you can customize your own favorite way to keep notes while writing your next bestseller. We believe in  you!

Mirkwood Scribes has a collection of four printable binder covers inspired by Hogwarts textbooks, but if you would rather have someone else do the printing for you, check out these dust jackets featuring replica textbook covers from the films.  


If you're looking for a whole new journal, we adore this leather-bound, personalized journal from CurtisMatsko. Choose your Hogwarts house and pick a name to customize the wraparound leather closure. These journals are even refillable, meaning that you can take out the pages you have filled, file them away, and start writing anew whenever you wish. Did your eyes just boggle? Ours did.


Another great option is this replica Mauraders Map journal, featuring a custom quote on the book plate. Perfect for any written mischief you might need to manage! 



Not all writing is fiction, and many people still love to handwrite letters – so we’ve got all the best Harry Potter stationary for catching up on your correspondence. We may have to use muggle mailboxes rather than owl post, but with owl post paper, envelopes, and stamps, it’s a lot easier to pretend that Hedwig just dropped this note off. 

If you would rather have your correspondents feel like you are writing to them from Hogwarts itself, how about this amazing seal and stamp set with the official Hogwarts logo

And of course, who wouldn’t want to open the replies they get with the Sword of Godric Gryffindor? This miniature replica sword letter opener comes with a Gryffindor lion stand and a ruby-topped hilt



Last but absolutely not least, every writer needs a great pen – and there are plenty of amazing Harry Potter options out there. Like these wand-shaped pens (for writing spellbinding stories!). There are four different designs available: Dumbledore, Harry, Hermione and Voldemort’s wands. Each comes with a matching bookmark. 

These stunning ballpoint pens designed with each house in mind are absolutely beautiful (although be warned, they are heavier than most pens you may be used to!). Plated in real gold and silver with colored enamel, these are definitely a gorgeous gift for any writer. 


Finally, if you feel like really capturing that Hogwarts spirit, go for a real quill. Enchanted Quills makes a range of gorgeous natural quills, and we especially love these “owl” feather beauties (actually made from naturally molted turkey feathers).