Bookish Jewelry: Library Edition

Posted by Rose Moore

The library is every reader’s best friend – borrowing books, doing research, scooping up bargains on second-hand books from the library sale shelves, or just enjoying the atmosphere. Many libraries are architecturally stunning, with floors of carefully preserved and catalogued tomes – if only my jewelry collection was quite so organized!

These cute pieces will help you show your love of book borrowing without going overboard – perfect for the next time you are putting an outfit together to head down to the library for a study session.


Charming Collections

Charm bracelets make a real statement – even if they occasionally also make a little too much noise for the stricter librarians among us! Show your love for some quiet reading time with charms that range from the more subtle to those that scream “I love libraries!”. These three bracelets (by Gathering Charms and A Likely Story on Etsy) feature different combinations of charms including small silver books and libraries, eyeglasses, even a silver “stone” lion! One of our favorites injects a little color into the piece with images of book spines and stamped borrowing cards under glass, along with two silver “books” that actually open!

From GatheringCharms on Etsy.


From ALikelyStory on Etsy.


From ALikelyStory on Etsy.


All In The Numbers

If you are a true library fan, you’ll probably know all about those little numbers on the spines of the books you borrow. Although it isn’t used everywhere these days (and is more common in research libraries than your neighborhood shelves of fiction), the Dewey Decimal system is synonymous with libraries for many people. It’s almost like a code for the hardcore library lover – only a fellow Dewey aficionado will know what your necklace means when it says “I still believe in 398.2”! (398.2 is the classification for fairy tales, if you didn’t know!). You can find all kinds of great jewelry with a Dewey code on it these days – and it’s probably the most subtle way to wear your fandom on your sleeve (or ears, or hands…). Like this simple ring referencing Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror, or these earrings for Austenites.

From PetiteVanilla on Etsy


LEFT: From Little GemGirl on Etsy; RIGHT: From JezebelCharms on Etsy 


Go Retro

Everything might be digital these days, but most of us still remember searching the card catalogue. While a search bar might be a lot easier, there’s still something comforting about rifling through the cards, pulling out those long drawers and smelling the old paper… Or pulling out a stamped lending card and seeing when the last person read the book you are about to. Just because scanners and search bars have replaced these classics at the library, that doesn’t mean you can’t feature card catalogues and check out cards in your accessories!

From RosiesPendants on Etsy


From ALikelyStory on Etsy 


 From LibraryShortcake on Etsy 


Let’s Hear It For The Librarians

Libraries wouldn’t be anything without the people who watch over them – organizing, helping, recommending, shhh-ing… The bespectacled, bun-sporting old maid stereotype may be less than accurate, but there’s something almost nostalgic about it. Pay homage to the hard working librarians with one of these fantastic options.

From Amula on Etsy 


LEFT: From ThePendantEmporium on Etsy; RIGHT: From PaperHeartDaily on Etsy


From ALikelyStory on Etsy 


Books, Glorious Books

Librarians, card catalogues, Dewey decimal… you didn’t think that we’d forgotten about the most important thing of all, did you? Books! The heart and soul of the library are the stacks and stacks of books. While there are literally thousands of pieces of bookish jewelry to choose from, here are just three of my absolute favorite library-ish options.

 From PearlysPoshPendants on Etsy 


From Coryographies on Etsy 


From XanneFran on Etsy