Geekerella Fan Creation Roundup

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

Geekerella by Ashley Poston comes out in paperback on Tuesday, and we can't hide our excitement. To celebrate, we asked you, the good, bookish people of the Internet, to send in your Geekerella fan creations — fan art, cosplays, aesthetics, and more — for a chance to be featured here on our blog. We've rounded up some of our favorite Geekerella creations to share with you in honor of the paperback release. Read on, Stargunners!


"Rewrite the Stars" by Angela 
Pen and Ink, Gouache, and Gesso on Paper

Instagram: @sakuranostudio

How beautiful is this fan art by Angela? We can't look away, we love it so much. 


Elle Wittimer cosplay by Evangeline
Instagram: @thatnerdydragon

How incredible is this Elle cosplay? Check out Evangeline's Instagram for more bookish transformations.


Bookmark by Katrina
Facebook: Katrina Stroud

Check out the awesome Starfield insignia on that bookmark! 


Elle as Princess Amara cosplay by Sarah N.
Instagram: @geekerellacos

This. Dress. We love this Elle as Princess Amara cosplay! Seriously, look at those lights.


Fan art by Ashley Platz
Twitter: @Book_Junkie007
Instagram: @teabookschill

Our favorite quote goes so well with that mug!


Fan art by Alyssa
Twitter: @alyssayurisays
Instagram: @fanbookart

We love this, right down to the miniature Starfield insignia on Elle's shirt!


Elle and Darien fan art by Megan H
Instagram: @meganjeongbooks
Tumblr: @meganjeongwriting

These Elle and Darien tarot cards have us swooning.


Bookstagram photo by Mary Hinson
Blog: Mary Had a Little Book Blog
@knoxdiver on Instagram and Twitter

Mary has a whole bunch of amazing Geekerella-themed bookstagram shots on her Instagram. Check 'em out!


Geekerella aesthetics by Lorraine Busso
Twitter: @Readingwithlori
Instagram: @readingwithlori

These Geekerella aesthetics make our heart sing!