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EXCLUSIVE! Gheren Viflov moves into $4 septillion space station, which neighbors say he’s turned into his “own personal planet.”

Young musician Gheren Viflov has moved out of his parents' massive Ganymede compound into a $4 septillion space station just outside of Saturn’s rings.

The 18-year-old has only been living in the posh Saturn community for about six months, but has already had run-ins with his neighbors on Titan over his careless shuttle driving, blinding laser lightshows, and the way the station affects the recently added seas of Titan’s tides…



“I loved him”: Firly Kingly on her mom Sila Kingly’s second clone of her husband Pringbah Few and what life was REALLY like on the Harvest Moon Colony.

“There were body parts everywhere, clones everywhere, doctors everywhere,” the Cephalopod Experience actress recalled about her upbringing on the scientific advancement commune. “Harvest Moon Colony was like being in a hospital that you never left…"



Olympic swirgnast Chico Fressblatt proudly shows off her athletic physique and incredible tentacles as she appears in the Sports Hologrammed Swimsuit Issue.

As an Olympic champion swirgnast, Chico Fressblatt has a body that can do just about anything.

The gold medalist is showing off her hard-earned figure as a part of the Sports Hologramed Swimsuit Issue, starring in a stunning shoot while flexing her podium climbing tentacles in sultry poses…



“It was really intense”: Degin Shirow confesses she hasn’t spoken with the Uncanny Valley members as she talks painful split from android group.

She was a member of one of the biggest android groups of her manufacturing date, until the announcement of her sudden departure two months ago.

And Degin Shirow has revealed in a new interview that she has yet to speak with her former Uncanny Valley band mates since leaving the group, after being activated together…



He can’t keep his skin on! Olegvy Faralashtinite conveniently molts of his shoulders revealing sexy new scales during Fashion Week.

Olegvy Faralashtinite has a propensity for letting his skin fall off to show off a new colorful epidermis. But he might be on to something as he is one of the most photographed omnimorphs in the galaxy…



Toady S’dano’s tulpa Qubert avoids jail time after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct in Saturn Club brawl.

No formal charges are being made for Toady S’dano, despite having created Qubert through meditation. S’dano is the tulpa’s legal guardian, however, and paid for the damages Qubert caused. The mental projection was arrested in December…



Extreme, dangerous and absurd diets of galaxy’s elite: how the biggest stars replaced their stomachs with bacteria, used stemcell replacements and gorged on sandwiches made in another dimension.

It is easy to think that today's celebrity obsession with neutron-free and antigravity-food diets is new or extreme. But turn the clock back 60 or even 70 years and you’ll see celebrities such as Gletchburn Lingyurn using dangerous, extreme and very strange means to lose weight and attain what they considered the elusive perfect figure.

Removing one’s gastrointestinal system and replacing it with a pile of bacteria that eliminated the need for food was all the rage when it was rumored Lingyurn did it for a role…

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