The Fangirl’s Guide to Galaxy Blog Tour!

Posted by Julie Leung


Have we fangirled hard enough for Sam Maggs' book, The Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy, on sale May 12th? Not. even. close. 

Sure, we've got this eyeball-rocking book trailer, and this swagalicious preorder campaign. We've even got extended content to the book itself on this very blog. But nay, a book this great deserves an epic blog tour! From May 5th to May 15th, Sam Maggs will be penning guest posts at some of our very favorite blogs, where she'll impart some of her best advice to living your best geek life. 

The tour kicks off today with a great post on The Nerdy Girlie on how to prepare for your first San Diego Comic Con. Be sure to bookmark these blogs, and keep an eye out for the sweet, sweet knowledge coming your way! 


Tuesday, May 5th: The Nerdy Girlie

Sam will be talking about: How to Prep For Your First San Diego Comic Con

Wednesday, May 6th: Stay Bookish     

Sam will be talking about: The Nerdy Music I Listened to While Writing Fangirl’s Guide

Thursday, May 7th: Good Books & Good Wine

Sam will be talking about: Why Fangirling & Feminism Go Hand-in-Hand

Friday, May 8th: Quality Fangirls

Sam will be talking about: Lady-Led Video Games That Will Get a Girl Into Gaming

Monday, May 11th: Snuggly Oranges

Sam will be talking about: What 10 Fictional Female Role Models Can Teach About Being a Good Fangirl

Tuesday, May 12th (ON-SALE DAY): The Mary Sue

Sam will be talking about: It's a surprise! 


Wednesday, May 13th: Elizzie Books

Sam will be talking about: My Favorite Heroines Found in Young Adult Books

Thursday, May 14th: PRationality

Sam will be talking about: Fangirl Flashbacks: The Nerdy Media That Influenced Me the Most


Friday, May, 15th: Super Space Chick 

Sam will be talking about: Favorite Fangirl Fashions

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