Making a Haute Dog Together on the Internet: The Haute Dogs Blog Tour

Posted by Eric Smith

Quirk published the debut cookbook from Russell van Kraayenburg. Haute Dogs.

Now, every time we have a cookbook come out, we always try to do a little something fun. Contests, giveaways, blog tours… you know, things like that. The food blog community is just so full of fun, excited people, that we love launching these kind of fun campaigns to get them involved.

For Russell's book, we put together a fun Haute Dog Blog Tour, and a handful of blogs joined up to make an Ecuadorian Street Dog together. One blog made the salsa, another made the condiments, and so on. Today's final stop hits Russell's website, Chasing Delicious, where you can learn how to make the actual hot dog. But all the rest? Read on. 

Huge thank you to everyone who played along. This was a lot of fun. 

THE SALSA (ENDLESS SIMMER): The first stop on the Haute Dogs blog tour was on Endless Simmer, where Madeline, a self confessed hot dog hoarder, whipped up some Salsa Verde.

In addition, she daydreams of her time in Chicago, devouring a delicious meal at Hot Dougs. We want to go to there.

THE SAUCE (BOULDER LOCAVORE)Next up, we've got Toni over at Boulder Locavore. She made the spicy aji sauce that goes with the Ecuadorian Street Dog… and oh my, what a beautiful photo.

Head over to her blog to learn how to make the spicy sauce, and continue on the blog tour for the rest of the dog. 

THE CONDIMENTS (FOOD IN JARS): Marisa McClellan, who is a cookbook author based in our fabulous hometown of Philadelphia, created the condiments for the dog.

Since her cookbook and blog focuses on food in jars, she photographed the homemade ketchup, mayo, and mustard beautifully. Check it out. 

THE FRIES (LOVE & OLIVE OIL): Lindsay Landis, who you Quirk fans might recognize from her Cookie Dough Lover's Cookbook and Breakfast for Dinner book, joined the blog tour as well. She made homemade French fries with fresh garlic and dill

And that's it! Thanks to everyone who played along. And be sure to head to Russell's blog to learn how to make the actually dog and the buns

Eric Smith


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