The Camp Plot-a-Wanna Store, Plus Giveaway!

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

At Camp Plot-a-Wanna, we want our campers to represent this esteemed institution with pride and dignity, guts and gumption. When one puts on a Plot-a-wanna t-shirt, he or she is not just a camper wearing a t-shirt. NAY, they are a warrior for canonical literature. They are soliders in a metaphorical battlefield littered with the bodies of bad metaphors. So check out the Camp Plot-a-Wanna Camp Store today for your camp gear needs! With our emblem emblazoned across your shirt, notebook, tote bag or mug, run-on sentences will stop dead in their tracks, and no writer's block will go unchopped.

Camp Plot-A-Wanna Budget Tote BagCamp Plot-A-Wanna Budget Tote Bag
Camp Plot-A-Wanna JournalsCamp Plot-A-Wanna Journals
Camp Plot-A-Wanna Ringer Coffee MugCamp Plot-A-Wanna Ringer Coffee Mug  Camp Plot-A-Wanna PostcardCamp Plot-A-Wanna Postcard 


Check out more over at our store and enter our Plot-a-wanna Giveaway for a chance to win a deluxe Plot-a-wanna tote stuffed with goodies!