The Book of Boba Fett: New Star Wars Reading

Posted by Rose Moore

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December is going to be the month of Boba Fett, as The Book of Boba Fett launches on the small screen on December 29th (hoping to recreate the success of The Mandalorian), and an actual book, Be More Boba Fett, lands on the shelves on December 21st. The book, a lighthearted look at entrepreneurship subtitled “Always Get the Job Done,” is bound to be a hit, and it isn’t the first Boba Fett book, either! In 2013, The Bounty Hunter Code: From the Files of Boba Fett was released, adding to the mythology and canon culture of the bounty hunters of this universe.

It’s easy to see why this bounty hunter is so popular, of course, as he’s one of the most mysterious characters from the original trilogy, and one whose mythology continues to grow as the Star Wars universe expands. He’s also far from the only one who has found their way into the pages of a book, as well as in adventures on screen. From tie-ins and novels to a Star Wars take on mindfulness and more, these are some of the best Star Wars books that have only come to the galaxy not-so-far-away a very short time ago…


Star Wars: The Jedi Mind by Amy Ratcliffe and illustrated by Christina Chung

This 2020 release isn’t a novel, but a Yoda-inspired look at mindfulness and mental health from the perspective of the Jedi and featuring stunning illustrations by Christina Chung. This short book includes real-life, suggested practices that are tied to the universe of Star Wars and promises to help the reader gain some of the calm and balance that Yoda tried to train into his young apprentices.

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The High Republic: A Test of Courage by Justina Ireland

Justina Ireland has been writing within the Star Wars canon since 2018, including books Lando’s Luck and Spark of the Resistance, but her most recent addition to this world is A Test of Courage, released this year. Like most of Ireland’s work in this world, this is a middle-grade novel, and one that allows for younger fans to enjoy this world without all the violence or darkness of some of the other novels. In this case, A Test of Courage is set two hundred years before Episode 1, centering on a teen Jedi and a dangerous mission…

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The High Republic: Into the Dark by Claudia Gray

For YA readers who want to pick up something in the Star Wars universe, Claudia Gray’s Into the Dark is a perfect choice from this year. Centering on young padawan Reath Silas, the book begins with the news that this future Jedi is being sent from the bustling Galactic capital to a quiet outpost, which he is not happy about! Of course, the book quickly finds him in the thick of it, working to understand and avert galactic disaster. Like the best YA book, this manages to bring up issues that will be relatable to any teen, despite the seemingly fantastical setting.

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The High Republic: Race to Crashpoint Tower by Daniel José Older

Another tie in junior novel, Race to Crashpoint Tower was released in June of 2021, much-anticipated after a NYCC 2020 announcement! Much like Into the Dark, Race to Crashpoint Tower focuses on a young Padawan thrust into action by an attack that could never have been predicted. This time, though, the young Ram Jomaram isn’t being exiled to the far reaches of the galaxy but protecting the place he calls home…with the help of some new friends.

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Ronin: A Visions Novel by Emma Mieko Candon

Based on the Star Wars: Visions short film "The Duel," this novel reimagines some of the lore of the Jedi and the Sith – drawing influence from the culture and history of Japan. It’s no secret that the original Star Wars borrows heavily from Japanese samurai tradition, which makes this book all the more fascinating. Author Emma Mieko Candon puts it best herself: “A Star Wars movie made me 'get' representation, and I've tried to honor that feeling in this book for my own sake and for other people. Besides being Japanese, I'm also a chronically ill, queer cyborg, and all of that showed up in some regard."

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