EXCLUSIVE William Shakespeare’s Star Wars Sonnet: “Hark! With this tale, encounter Jango Fett”

Posted by Ian Doescher

Episode II in the William Shakespeare's Star Wars series, The Clone Army Attacketh, goes on sale on July 7th! To celebrate, author Ian Doescher will be releasing exclusive sonnets each week, dedicated to the new characters you'll encounter in this latest tale set in a clash-strewn galaxy far, far away.

Hark! With this tale, encounter Jango Fett,
E'en he: worst bounty hunter of them all.
Indeed, as vile as e'er a knave doth get,
Such villainy he plies on great and small.
Abounding in deceit and cunning guile,
Plac'd safely on Kamino with his boy,
Rewarded for assassination vile,
On Coruscant he mischief doth employ.
To you, dear readers, he shall seem most base —
Obscenely shall he strut upon our stage.
Take comfort, though: he shall a Jedi face,
Yea, good Mace Windu may undo his rage.
Pray, read of Jango Fett, then, if ye dare,
Enjoy his knavery and wicked flair.