The Big Bad Book Club of Bill Murrays

Posted by Jamie Canaves

Thanks to The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray by Robert Schnakenberg we can’t stop talking about—wait for it…Bill Murray. Like which two Bill Murray characters would we ship together? What would Bill Murray’s characters be reading today? Would Bill Murray return a book we lent to him? And if he didn't, would we really be mad about it? Probably not. 

Little Shop of Horrors

Arthur Denton has obviously been banned by every dentist in the US by now so he tries to get as much of a fix as he can by picking up anything with the word teeth in the title (White Teeth by Zadie Smith and The Story of My Teeth by Valeria Luiselli) hoping to at least live vicariously through a character’s toothy pain. This isn’t working out too well for him—if you see this man don’t sell him plyers.


Carl Spackler’s therapist has given him Andrew Knapp’s Find Momo which he reads every night before bed because if he can’t find that damn gopher he can at least find the damn dog!



Frank Cross hasn’t completely stopped wearing his grouchy pants—he’s the first one to say August is too early for Christmas store displays—but the one thing permanently changed by his ghostly visits is he now only reads books with happy endings. And once a year he rereads Richard Curtis’ Love Actually screenplay.


Bill Murray is reading The Ghost Bride by Yangsze Choo to get as far away from anything and everything related to zombies. And because he’s curious if such a thing exists—he’s getting kind of lonely.



Shocking to no one but him, Dr. Peter Venkman hasn’t been hitting it off with the ladies lately. Hoping to find some answers he’s sneak-reading Modern Romance, thinking the combination of comedian Aziz Ansari and sociologist Eric Klinenberg will be entertaining and insightful.


What About Bob?

Bob Wiley visits Dr. Martin once a month and always brings him a book to read. Thinking that a psychological thriller with a psychologist character would be perfect for them both, he brings Jonathan Kellerman’s The Murderer’s Daughter. He hopes Leo doesn’t throw the book at him this time.


Fantastic Mr. Fox

Caused by an order/name mix-up, Badger received The Complete Badger, vol. 1 instead of his coffee filters. After tweeting his frustration at the store’s customer service, he ended up sitting down to read the comic.


Lost in Translation

Still unable to sleep, Bob Harris comes across The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty while roaming around the house in the middle of the night. Afraid his wife is trying to tell him something when she left it with the paint samples, he’s sat down to read it. 


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