Worst-Case Wednesday: What To Do If Your Golf Club Gets Stuck In A Tree

Posted by Marissa Stern
Father's Day is quickly approaching, and if we know any true stereotypes about dear old Dad, it's that he would prefer tee-time over tea-time. While he would sure appreciate a nice day out on the course, soaking in the sun and hopefully making a few balls into the holes, trouble does not shy away from a golf club. Potentially dangerous situations lurk behind every golf cart, but never fear! The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Golf is here to save the day! For example. if Dad gets a little too into the game and ends up with his club stuck in a tree, here's what you do:

1. Attempt to shake the tree. Depending on the size of the tree and the thickness of its trunk, you may be able to dislodge the club by gently shaking the tree. Take care to avoid being hit by the club when it falls.
2. Try to dislodge the club by using a ball retriever, flagstick, or another club. Someone in your group may have a telescoping ball retriever, or, if you are near the green, grab the flagstick. Use the implement to reach the club or shake the branch where it is lodged.
3. Create a longer poker. Secure the flagstick to a golf club or to a telescoping ball retriever using athletic tape, shoelaces, or bandages. Tie the grip of the club to the base of the flagstick. Hold the head of the club and use the flag end of the stick to knock the club loose.
4. Climb the tree. Use this method only if you cannot dislodge the club with the above methods, the tree is easily climbable, and the club is not too high. Carry another club in your belt to help you reach the stuck club or the branch that it is resting on, or have another player hand up a club when you are in position. See "How to Retrieve a Ball Stuck in a Tree" (page 24) for correct tree-climbing technique.
Be Aware
– Tossing other clubs into the tree in an attempt to dislodge the lost club may result in multiple stuck clubs or damage to the clubs.
– Do not throw sticks and stones at the errant club. They are not very effective and may hit you or members of your party on your way down.