The Best Hair in Comic Books

Posted by David Winnick

Comic books are full of men and women with powers that defy physics and logic. And such powers must surely extend to their hair, or how else do they manage to maintain their impeccable locks while fighting crime? 


Though his hair doesn’t look all that unusual at first, it is a bit strange that Superman manages to maintain a perfect spit curl in his bangs at all times.  Not only that, but said spit curl is an “S” which is exactly reflective of both his name Superman and the Kryptonian symbol for his family house. It almost seems like an afterthought to take into consideration that his hair is so dark black it actually reflects light back as blue.



This X-Man is by far one of the most powerful and useful members of the team but her choice in hair style can be all over the map. Constantly changing her looks, Storm has had a plethora of different hair permutations for those prematurely white locks of hers. The most interesting and perhaps the one that makes the most lasting impression is the Mohawk which she sported for several years. Though it was not permanent, this style has made multiple resurgences in the comics over the years.



It can be rough being bald. There are a lot of options someone can choose from when dealing with no coverage on top. Hellboy chose a few too many of the possibilities. First, is the bad-ass biker goatee. Then he decided to add mutton chops, which are cool if you happen to be Admiral Ambrose Burnside, but even that wasn’t enough. He had to finish it all off with an homage to Japan; a samurai style topknot. It is all a little bit too special but he somehow seems to make it work for him.          



The Inhumans are making a big splash on the small screen in Marvel’s Agents of Shield but for comic book fans the characters we have seen on the television are just the tip of the iceberg. The Inhuman royal family has yet to be shown and with them comes one of the craziest hairdos in all of comic book history. While Medusa’s hair initially looks like nothing more than a straight cut of red hair, it is the powers she has which makes it so unusual. Medusa can make her hair move with just a simple thought. The strands are alive and function as some very powerful appendages. Hairstylists across the galaxy beware, Medusa’s hair is coming for you.


Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

Jhonen Vasquez created a cult classic with his character Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. A fan favorite of the ‘90s Goth crowd, Johnny had one of the most non-conformist haircuts of the time period. The bottom of his skull was shaved down into a big mess of stubble where the hair on the top of his head was spiked into all manner of stalagmites and stalactites. This heavily gelled mess of sharp pointy black hair only helped to increase the feeling of unhinged madness the comic contained.


Tank Girl

Tank Girl was always big with the punk rock scene. She had a take no prisoners mentality and she didn’t care what anyone thought of her. This mental state was clearly reflected in all of her stylistic choices but no more so than in her hair. Almost completely bald, Tank Girl has a small patch of hair at the front of her forehead. She often styles this hair in multiple different configurations depending on her current mood.