Send Us Your Cat Hair for a Top Secret Crafting with Cat Hair Project!

Posted by Eric Smith

Yes, you read that subject right.

Back in March, Margaret McGuire and Katie Hatz asked the Internet’s cat lovers to send them their cat hair for their Crafting with Cat Hair in-house projects. The entire Quirk office was shocked by the amount of fur that rolled in. We even featured three adorable donors, Buster, Shadow and Fuzz, here on the Quirk blog.

Well, Summer is wrapping up and our supplies of cat hair are running low. So we need you, Quirk fans, to once again brush your feline friends and send us your cat hair. We’re specifically looking for more white cat hair. See the sleepy kitten pictured above? Use him as a reference point. Or just look at him. Because he’s omgsocutesquee!


Note, that this batch of cat hair is for a TOP SECRET Crafting with Cat Hair project. The first three people to send us their cat hair will get a free advance copy of the craftbook, as well as a copy of The Meowmorphosis (for obvious reasons). Send your packets to…

Quirk Books
c/o Margaret & Katie
215 Church Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Questions? Email me at eric[at] Thanks!


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Eric Smith


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