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Posted by Sandra Woolf

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In honor of National Inventors’ Day, a cheer to all inventors today! But especially to those who invented our most cherished bookish inventions. We see you, fellow book lovers! Because who else but bibliophiles would invent such items as stylish bookends, essential book darts, and even candles that smell like books!? The list is endless, but here’s our roundup of our favorite bookish inventions.


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Book Sleeve

Readers rejoice! For our precious books are now protected when we use this stylish book sleeve. Truly a genius invention! No more fears of stained or crushed pages. Plus, there are a ton of cute designs to choose from and various sizes. Also, makes a great gift!


Reading Lamp

Ok, who isn’t guilty of reading in the dark? Well, with this hand dandy reading headlamp, you can save your eyes from all that strain! Nothing beats lounging in bed and reading way past your bedtime. You can also try this clip on reading lamp to stay inconspicuous of your nocturnal reading habits.


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A reader’s best friend, besides their local librarian, is a bookmark. They come in many varieties, such as metal, wood and leather. Never lose your place again when you have one on hand. Show us a reader who doesn’t own at least one, hence why we think it’s a wonderful bookish invention indeed!


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Ask any reader and they will tell you there is nothing worse than losing a book that was loaned out. That’s why some brilliant inventor came up with bookplates! Whether they are stamps, stickers, or a fancy embosser, these bookplates will remind those forgetful friends to return the book to the rightful owner. Personalize your collection and have no fear when loaning out books ever again!

Sandra Woolf

Sandra Woolf

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