The Best and Worst Characters To Get Snowed-In With

Posted by Sarah Fox

People say that your happiness is determined by the people with whom you surround yourself, and that is especially true in a snowstorm. While we have yet to see snow around here in the mid-Atlantic, it's always good to be prepared. Here is our list of the best and worst characters to be snowed in with, so you know what to do when you see the first snowflakes. 


Prometheus from Greek Mythology

The titan has his liver eaten by a bird because he gave fire to mankind. He is clearly dedicated to the cause of keeping people warm. We have a strong feeling that there would be a fire crackling in the fireplace in no time.

Scheherazade from One Thousand and One Nights

Scheherazade is able to stay alive for one thousand and one nights through her storytelling abilities. She might not serve any practical purposes for getting you out or keeping you alive, but she would keep you entertained. She is the queen of the cliffhanger, so you will always be in a delightful state of suspense.

Santa Claus

We know he was totally one month ago, but the man would be a clutch in a snowstorm. He has a band of reindeers to get you out of there, and, if that fails (unlikely with Rudolph's shiny nose), he has a team of elves to make you gifts in case you get bored. To top it all off, he would always have a good attitude because he is jolly ol' Saint Nick. It also helps that he is used to the weather. 

Gerda from “The Snow Queen"

You would be hard-pressed to find someone more equipped to deal with the snow than Gerda. She travels through snowy terrain with reindeer and a robber girl to save her friend. Not only does she make it into the Snow Queen’s palace, but she is able to withstand the cold long enough to spell out the word “eternity” with ice, freeing Kai. If you are snowed in because of some magic, she is your girl (unlike Edmund, who we will discuss later).


Joseph, Estelle, and Ines from No Exit

If the characters are in a play where the line “hell is other people” is uttered, it is probably not a good idea to get snowed in with them. If you stick around, you will probably get tangled up in some complicated, unrequited romantic relationships. You also might get killed, assuming this entrapment is not actually some kind of terrible afterlife.

Edmund from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Once the boy sees a beautiful woman in comfortable furs, it is game over. He would sell you out for Turkish Delight. If he would turn evil for something that tastes so terrible, what would he do if he were offered chocolate?

Jack from Lord of the Flies

Things would get savage really fast with that kid. He would start painting his face and chanting about some beast until you want to grab the conch from his hands. In case you do get snowed in with him, keep your glasses firmly on your face and watch out for any falling rocks.  

Hannibal from Silence of the Lambs

The man doesn’t need the excuse of snow to eat you. It is best not to be trapped somewhere with him. Not only will you not eat lunch, but you will probably be lunch. 


Sarah Fox

Sarah Fox

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