Ten Creative Cross-Stitch Projects to Celebrate Doctor Who at 50!

Posted by Jules Sherred

Take note, Whovians: the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who is fast approaching. To help pass the time (get it?!) as we count down to this momentous occasion—and to help welcome the Twelfth Doctor—I've rounded up some inspired, adorable, and occasionally incredibly geeky Doctor Who cross-stitch ideas. So pick a pattern, grab your supplies, and follow me as we allons-y through time and space, one stitch at a time.

1. Cross-Stitch Dolls
These Doctor Who cross-stitch dolls by Robin’s Design are an ambitious but adorable way to whip up your favorite two-hearted hero and his phone box (which, naturally, is bigge ron the inside). There are many Doctor Who dolls from which to choose in Robin’s shop; each doll consists of six pieces that you stitch together to complete the doll. The finished dolls measure approximately 6 inches tall by 4 inches wide, and each doll is to be stitched using 14-count Aida fabric, using 13 colors. The patterns are available using DMC, Anchor, and Madeira floss charts, and since these patterns use backstitches, they're best for an immediate to advanced stitcher.


2. The 12 Doctors in the Style of Andy Warhol
This is one of the most brilliant cross-stitch designs that I’ve ever encountered—literally, look at those colors. Why pick your favorite Doctor when you can stitch all 12? To make this design even more wonderful, it is in the style of Andy Warhol.  The Many Faces of Doctor Who pattern, designed by Robin’s Design, is composed of 38 colors, in your choice of DMC or Anchor floss legend. The finished design measures 14.5 inches wide by 11 inches high when worked on 14-count Aida fabric.

3. The Tenth Doctor
You never forget your first Doctor, and according to my non-scientific survey, David Tennant is usually first—and favorite—among new watchers of Doctor Who. So, obviously, this list wouldn't be complete without this Tenth Doctor pattern, designed by BabyMish. The finished design measures 4 inches wide by 7 inches high when worked on 14-count Aida fabric, so it shouldn’t take you too long to complete.


4. Weeping Angel
Don’t blink! The Weeping Angel has to be one of the most terrifying things in the Doctor Who universe. This Weeping Angel pattern, designed by KatsCrossStichery, is both haunting and stunning. It is meant to be worked on 18-count Aida fabric, using DMC floss. The finished design measures 14 inches wide by 10.17 inches high. And if you want your terrifying angel statues in different sizes, Kat is willing to accommodate your requests.


5. Doctor Who Bookmarks
Doctor Who doesn’t only live on television: there are many great Doctor Who tie-in novels—which means, of course, you will need a Doctor Who bookmark or three. Handily enough, these Doctor Who bookmark patterns designed by DaleksTreehouse come with a 3-fer discount, and you can choose from the patterns including Disappearing TARDIS; Daleks; Bowties and Fezzes; K-9; The Angels Have the Phone Box; and Christmas Dalek. Finished sizes vary.


6. Exploding TARDIS
One of the best loved Doctor Who posters is now a free cross-stich pattern. Designed by Starrley, you can download the Exploding TARDIS in the style of Van Gogh pattern in two different sizes. The first size is a whooping 46.8 inches wide by 30 inches high when stitched on 10-count Aida (ignore the finished size on the pattern), using DMC floss. You can make the finished size smaller (33.43 inches wide by 21.43 inches high) when stitching on 14-count fabric. The larger pattern uses 78 colors. Or, you could go the slightly more manageable smaller pattern. Its finished size is 11.5 inches wide by 7.43 inches high when stitched on 14-count fabric, using 51 DMC colors.


7. Doctor Who and Torchwood Alphabet
For the parents who want to add a touch of Doctor Who to their baby’s nursery or their kiddo's bedroom, then this Doctor Who and Torchwood Alphabet cross-stitch pattern, designed by XStitchMyHeart, is perfect. It features 34 characters from Doctor Who and Torchwood and 26 characters of the English alphabet. It's educational! The finished design measures 10.7 inches wide by 9 inches high, when using your choice of colored 14-count Aida fabric. The pattern uses DMC floss.


8. Retro Doctor Who Logo
For those of you who have been watching Doctor Who for decades, then this retro Doctor Who logo, designed by Jay, will be right up your alley. Perfect for pillows or seat covers, this pattern measures 16 inches wide by 15.9 inches high when worked on 18-count Aida fabric. The pattern also used DMC floss.


9. Doctor Who Quotes Bundle
Aside from an amazing sense of fashion, each Doctor is also known for the things they say. In honor of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, EmmasCrossStitch has created a bundle containing one quote from each of the first 11 Doctors. Each quote will measure 8×10 inches when stitched on 18-count Aida fabric. You will receive this bundle in two parts. And if there is only one quote that tickles your fancy, then you can purchase each quote individually.


10. Doctor Who Afghan
Finally, might I suggest you make a Doctor Who afghan for either yourself, or as a gift to a friend or loved-one? Contained in this pattern bundle designed by neverdyingpoet are 50 different 29 stitches by 29 stitches designs for ornaments. However, a wonderful alternative to ornaments is to choose 20 patterns, or more depending on the stitchable afghan you purchased, and create a truly unique (and warm!) gift for the Whovian in your life. Or, you could stitch up a bib, hand towel, napkin rings, or whatever your cross-stiching heart desires (check out Everything CrossStitch for some great stitchable items, as well as floss, Aida fabric in a variety of sizes and colors, plus all other supplies you will need to make any or all of these projects!)