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How to Talk to Your Family About the Sports on Thanksgiving

The holidays are a time when we surround ourselves with people we rarely see. How do you, a voracious reader, talk to these people? Sure, you’re pretty adept at throwing out a well-timed Dickens reference, and you’re the only one who has read that YA series your niece is now into, but what about when the conversation turns away from books? What if it turns to…sports? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Posted by Jadzia Axelrod

Hamilton Figure Skating Routines that will Make Your Inner Lin-Manuel Miranda Sing

There’s geeking out, and then there’s Lin-Manuel Miranda level joy. When Lin-Manuel Miranda loves something, he goes full heart-eyes emoji, tweeting from dawn until dusk and genuinely enjoying every moment. It’s a love many aspire to, but few receive. So, when Lin tweeted back in 2015 that he’s eagerly awaiting Hamilton figure skating programs, figure skating fans everywhere were determined to deliver. And after meticulously pouring over the Hamilton figure skating programs available on the internet, we’re proud to present the definitive guide to Hamilton figure skating programs. We hope Lin-Manuel Miranda would agree.

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

If Our Kid Athletes Were Winter Athletes

The opening ceremonies have come and gone, but our televisions are full of winter sports and the fanatic fervor that accompanies them. You know us for our geeky reputation, but we’re no stranger to sports here at Quirk Books. To celebrate the winter games, we dove into Kid Athletes: True Tales of Childhood from Sports Legends, a personal favorite of ours by David Stabler with illustrations by Doogie Horner. The result is a geeky thought experiment – what if the kid athletes that Stabler showcases were winter athletes?

Posted by Danielle Mohlman

The Big Bad List of Bill Murray Baseball Facts

The World Series has shown the world what a big Cubs fan Bill Murray is. To celebrate last night's win, Robert Schnakenberg, author of The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray, has rounded up ten big bad sports facts about the legend himself.

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

August Quirk Perk: Kid Athletes

Kid Athletes by David Stabler and Doogie Horner only $3.99

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Forget the gold medals, the championships, and the undefeated seasons. When all-star athletes were growing up, they had regular-kid problems just like you. Baseball legend Babe Ruth was such a troublemaker, his family sent him to reform school. Race car champion Danica Patrick fended off bullies who told her “girls can’t drive.” And football superstar Peyton Manning was forced to dance the tango in his school play. Kid Athletes tells all of their stories and more with full-color cartoon illustrations on every page. Other subjects include Billie Jean King, Jackie Robinson, Yao Ming, Gabby Douglas, Tiger Woods, Julie Krone, Bruce Lee, Muhammad Ali, Bobby Orr, Lionel Messi, and more!

DAVID STABLER and DOOGIE HORNER previously collaborated on Kid Presidents (Quirk, 2014). Both live in New York City.

Posted by Christina Schillaci

The Athletes of Fiction

Bring on the summer sports! Here at Quirk Books, we’re fantasizing about our own favorite athletes–the fictional ones. Without further ado – and an imaginary opening ceremony – here are the athletes of our literary dreams.

Posted by Danielle Mohlman