The Big Bad List of Bill Murray Baseball Facts

Posted by Quirk Books Staff

The World Series has shown the world what a big Cubs fan Bill Murray is. To celebrate last night's win, Robert Schnakenberg, author of The Big Bad Book of Bill Murray, has rounded up ten big bad sports facts about the legend himself.


1. He’s not just a fan. He’s an owner. Over the years, Bill’s owned parts of more than a dozen minor league baseball teams, including the Texas City Stars, Catskill Cougars, Salt Lake City Trappers, and Charleston RiverDogs.


2. He wasn’t always a Cubs fan. In the 1950s, Bill briefly switched his allegiance to the Milwaukee Braves.


3. Bill gave his first-born son Homer the middle name Banks in honor of Cubs legend Ernie Banks.


4. In 1993, a New York Times columnist floated Bill’s name as a possible commissioner of baseball. Bill said he would accept the post only if he were granted “unlimited powers.”


5. Bill’s older brother Ed is the only member of his family to root for the White Sox, a heresy Bill has called “revolting.”


6. For one crazy summer in 1978, Bill played professional baseball. He appeared in two games for the minor league Gray Harbor Loggers of Aberdeen, Washington, notching one hit in two at-bats. 


7. He had the Cubs logo painted onto the floor of the swimming pool at his home in upstate New York.


8. While he was filming The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou in Italy in 2003, he had it written into his contract that he could watch Cubs playoff games via satellite on location.


9. He does a killer Joe DiMaggio impression, which he performed in a classic SCTV sketch in 1982.


10. Like a lot of baseball fans, Bill has a sentimental streak. “The saddest day of the year,” he once said, “is the last day of baseball season. Okay, maybe not his year.