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Ten Creative Cross-Stitch Projects to Celebrate Doctor Who at 50!

Take note, Whovians: the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who is fast approaching. To help pass the time (get it?!) as we count down to this momentous occasion—and to help welcome the Twelfth Doctor—I've rounded up some inspired, adorable, and occasionally incredibly geeky Doctor Who cross-stitch ideas. So pick a pattern, grab your supplies, and follow me as we allons-y through time and space, one stitch at a time.

Posted by Jules Sherred

Our Pacific Rim Sequel? Drift Compatible Authors

Here at Quirk, we loved Pacific Rim. How could giant machines fighting giant monsters not be exciting? But it was also smart and had a lot of heart. It was an unusual summer blockbuster in that it performed moderately well in the United States, but did exceptional in the international market, which makes a sequel possible. Here’s our idea for a Pacific Rim sequel, with a literary twist.

We won the Kaiju War, but needed to make sure we were ready to cancel the apocalypse. Again. We brought the Jaegers back and built them bigger and stronger, but needed new heroes to pilot them. We found these new Rangers in the stories that helped us dream of such a creation: we found them in our favorite authors. Here are some of the newest Jaegers in the fleet, piloted by authors who’d do well in the Drift.

Posted by Brian Morell

Extermi-Bake: Doctor Who Inspired Baking Supplies?!

If your culinary prowess extends no further than fish fingers and custard, then perhaps you need some help. It isn’t easy to construct a Dalek from frosting or draw the clean lines of the TARDIS from royal icing. If your attempts look like they have exterminated themselves, hopefully our roundup of Doctor Who themed baking supplies can help you create treats worthy of being shared with friends throughout time and space.

Posted by Jennifer Morell

Five Sci-Fi Concepts That I Wish Were Real (Despite the Terrible Consequences)

Science fiction often serves as a warning.

Perhaps a new technology is overreaching or dangerous or perhaps the rights of the individual are being stripped away by a powerful regime. In either case, science fiction muses on the idea, traveling the road of “what if?” In a world where we are already so plugged in, connecting even further could be disastrous, perhaps even destroying what it means to be fundamentally human.

Still, in other sci-fi works, it is the reach of technology outside of ourselves that might lead to our downfall.

Despite the dire consequences that these works discuss, I still can’t help wishing that some of these dangerous sci-fi concepts were real.

Posted by Jennifer Morell

H.P. Lovecraft’s The Call of the Doodle


Yesterday was the birthday of H.P. Lovecraft, creator of beloved weird tales like The Call of Cthulhu and At The Mountains of Madness, and namesake of our Lovecraft Middle School series.

Posted by Rick Chillot

Lose the Force: Six Alternative Religions from the Star Wars Universe

A Teth B’omarr monastery. How’s that for hokey, Han?

Despite Vader’s “sad devotion to that ancient Jedi religion,” casual Star Wars fans might think that the Evil Empire crushed all religions from existence throughout that galaxy far, far away. But we find your lack of faith disturbing. There are many races, many worlds and many orders, cults and ways found throughout the official Star Wars cannon. Here’s an intro to a handful of those who follow the Ways-of-the-Not-Jedi.

Posted by Shane Mooney